Missing Dimensions update via API?


@Jason_MWS @Parvathm_mws @Autonomoose

Is there a way to programmatically update the missing dimensions of a product via the API?

Use Case:

  • Seller lists product with 3rd party software
  • Software calls CreateInboundShipmentPlan
  • Error code returned for MISSING DIMENSIONS

Can you then update the flat file for this one ASIN and submit again to have the dimensions take hold and thus eliminate the error?

Thanks all!


Yes, you can use the feed for updating product dimensions:

Use DescriptionData -> ItemDimensions in _POST_PRODUCT_DATA_ Feed Type


It takes a little time for Amz to process and the data to become available, but yes this mostly can be solved with a quick feed, and doesn’t seem bothered much by page control issues.


Thank you so much everyone!