Missing Amazon Fulfilled Shipments


We are using GET_AMAZON_FULFILLED_SHIPMENTS_DATA report to drive our FBA orders fulfillment process in ERP.

Basic algorithm,
Request report from TimeA to TimeB
TimeA becomes TimeB(Plus 1 second), TimeB becomes CurrentTime

We started missing orders here and there so we investigated and found that our reports were getting cancelled, so we increased the request interval from 30mins to 4 hours, which helped with the reports cancellation. But the orders were still missing so we researched a bit more and found out the following in Amazon’s docs:

Note: In Japan, EU, and NA, in most cases, there will be a delay of approximately one to three hours from the time a fulfillment order ships and the time the items in the fulfillment order appear in the report. In some rare cases there could be a delay of up to 24 hours.

The simplest solution we could think of, was to always stay 24hours (worst case) behind in requesting reports, so that we never miss any information.

The above fixed some issues but we are still missing orders. Is there anything else to look out for? Or are we missing something really basic that is causing the issue here?



I don’t use this report, but I would include quite a bit of date overlap between the reports, and pull out duplicates w/ orderid rather than expect unique orders using exact report periods. This will help if Amazon gets a batch of stale shipments and adds them back into the reports with the original dates. I also wonder if 72+ hours might be a better worst case time frame for this, or even give it a week if it doesn’t have a big impact on your system.

The other thing to watch out for would be partial shipments. These seem to be handled in a variety of ways depending upon the report.


Thank you for your response. Our system is designed in a way that we try to remain as realtime as possible. The choice of a 24hrs delay comes from the Amazon documentation, part of which I quoted in my original issue.

Our current implementation assumes that the said report is always incremental, meaning that the same information is never repeated, and so far we’ve never noticed any information repeating, but have noticed missing information though. Is it possible that information is repeated in these reports?

We do handle partial shipment scenarios properly.

Again, thanks for your response.


I’m not sure I really understand your use case, so please forgive what are likely a few gratuitous comments.

I don’t have much specific experience with this report, but I generally find that assuming consistency from Amazon can be problematic. I would try to not count on the fact that there will never be duplicates, even if it there aren’t any observable duplicates now.

Another advantage of an implementation handling duplicates with overlapping report requests would be that you wouldn’t have to wait 24 hrs, knowing that if you queried too soon, your data will still get picked up in subsequent request windows. Since the description describes the report as near real-time (which in Amazon speak means it is generated more than once a day) you could likely poll every few hours with a window several days past up to current, and get the large majority of data into your system as quickly as possible. (knowing there will be adjustments later)


Thank you Autonomoose, we will go ahead and implement the overlapping. This will hopefully resolvee our skipping of records and also help in us staying realtime.


We’ve had a few complaints lately about missing data. We noticed the 24 note that seemed to have been added to the docs recently. We bumped our check time from -12 hours out to -24 hours but are still finding that data isn’t being reported in that time frame. I think we’ll be bumping the check time out even further to see if we can resolve this issue.