Minimum On-Hand Requirement for FBA


I have a SKU with a large number of color x size combinations that I want to try FBA.

I plan on ordering 5 units of each of the many color x size combos into FBA…

I want to know if FBA will “sell-them-to-ZERO” or if they are setup to sell to a number OTHER THAN zero (like 3 or 5 or something low that considers a safety-stock type algo).

Thanks in advance for your help.


It seems the amount you are sending in is too low and will hurt more than help.

They have distribution centers all over the USA and appear to be using a “shortest path” parameter in their algorithms. I would send in at least 100 of each to get them in every major location.


they will sale to zero. be ready to restock quickly.


this to.


one other thought:
add your product and all variations (make sure your category has appropriate variations) then send in bigger quantities of the best sellers, top 50% or around there. add product for variations as you can, but don’t let it drag out for very long as a product page with a lot of missing variations may not do well.


When you set up your products on the inventory page there are alerts you can set. You can set it to go “on” when your inventory is at a certain level ,or when say 3 weeks worth of inventory is left, depending on sales history.
When it reaches the point you have set, the yellow bell by the available units will turn red. You can also set it up so you receive a nightly email telling you what needs to be restocked according to your parameters.



I had a product with about 40 units on hand and they were spread across about 25 fulfillment centers. So most only had one or two units. 5 units will not be enough.