Messed Up by No More FBA Inventory Audits + Oct Promo


Here’s my issue… and really could use some ideas here. Was trying to get our inventory performance up…and we did! Just got it above 350 in time for the October free removal order promotion. Didn’t much care about the promotion though - was trying to make sure we did not get hit with inventory limits. Had an issue with two of our best selling products got mixed up in shipment to FBA. Contacted Support and asked if they would do an audit to fix the items. Was told they did not do that any longer and the only thing I could do was do a removal order of both skus and then send them back in. No problem. Our mistake, we’d eat the extra shipping cost. Still didn’t even know there was an October promotion for free removal orders at this time, so we brought back the two skus… about 1000 units of our best sellers. Went to set up a shipment back to FBA and could not send them back, because of the promotion. The system will not let us send any units from those two skus back to FBA until January 15th - missing the whole selling season. Contacted Support and there is nothing they will do. We’ve offered to forego the credit. We also sell using Seller Fulfilled Prime, but not as cost effective using Nationwide Prime we lose money on every unit that way.

Does anyone have any ideas on how we can get units back into FBA?


There are so many little pitfalls with Amazon. Of course the reason for prohibiting sellers from re-sending items immediately after recalling them is so they can’t artificially lower their inventory during the long-term storage calculation period. By recalling your items when you did you probably saved a boatload of LTS fees even if it was done inadvertently.

I think the only thing you can do is keep asking seller support. Ask for a supervisor – don’t take the rejection from a first level representative. I think it will be tough to get it reversed but you should try. Maybe you should ask for a call rather then using email.

I also think the best argument you have is that Amazon has made it impossible for any seller to fix an inventory mix-up during free removal promotions. You were trying to make sure customers did not receive the wrong items and you are being punished for it because Amazon has closed all avenues for checking inventory.


RedWing -

That is the current approach we are taking. What we keep getting from their “investigations” though, is that we’ve received our credit - case closed.

I guess we will keep being the squeaky wheel. Thanks for responding.


If your inventory level falls below your sales for the last 90 days of that ASIN then under Amazon’s policy and newsletter sent out on October 16th you should be able to send in new units. I created a removal order on October 14th, hiliarously they send out the newsletter on the 16th and backdated it to the 14th. So I didn’t even know about it, nor want to participate in it, yet was forced to. I ended up calling FBA and speaking with the Captive Team who has escalted my case to the internal team to be fixed as they agreed I should not have any limitations now that my inventory level is 200 units and sales over the last 30 days alone are 600 units. It seems their free removal promotion was a bait and switch tactic.

I was able to send in 115 units last night, before I have heard back on the open case. However 115 units wont cut it. Hoping I will be able to send more after manual intervention.


That sounds familiar…