Message does not include item details


I sell hundreds of items on Amazon, so when I get a message from a potential buyer that asks “What size is this item” I am unable to answer the question. That is because the Amazon system does not include any item ID when the message is sent. It would be helpful to both the seller and the message originator if this information was added automatically, just as it is on eBay.


New buyers often do this. Your response is always:

I would be happy to provide the information requested, provided the Amazon ASIN catalog number is given.


Yes, I do respond by asking for more information, but they never reply and do not buy.

It would be far easier for the seller and the buyer if Amazon automatically supplied the information with the enquiry.


I agree that the ASIN should be tied to the message. But is the buyer blind or do you not give the info on the listing? Size would be something that would be there, right?


Yes, it is very clear in the bullet points, but I am amazed at the number of people who don’t read them.

It is impossible to be all things to all people.:slight_smile:


There really is no way to automatically add that information, as the only way a buyer can contact the seller is from your feedback or profile page. On eBay you have your own item page so the system automatically includes the info when you’re contacted.


Bullet points do not always show up when the buyer is using a phone app.


There should be a way to do it. Perhaps Amazon need to upgrade their system. Put a “contact seller” link on the item viewing page and include item info with the message. That would make it easier for people to contact sellers and make it easier for sellers to answer questions.

I don’t see why such a large company cannot do this. It is fairly straightforward coding.


This scenario is repeated almost daily. Amazon customer clicks to ask a question, thinking that clicking from product page will load in the product details, and no dice. So customer has to receive a reply asking for the details. If Amazon knows enough to tell people to put product details in the message, why not just do it automatically?


How exactly would that work when there could be a hundred sellers on the item page?


I didn’t realise that the enquiry went to multiple sellers, as my products are unique.

However, if all sellers are selling exactly the same product, the product code could still go with the enquiry, as no matter which seller received and answered the enquiry, the answer would be the same (what size is the item?).

Alternatively, the Amazon enquiry page could have a drop down list of sellers so that the customer could choose one to send the enquiry to.