Merged item numbers while shipment in transit


I had sent in a shipment to Amazon that had 30 of several items. Well that item got merged into another similar item while my shipment was in transit. It’s been sitting there at the fulfillment center for days now. They checked in one product and then stopped. Why would they stop checking in an shipment that they had already begun checking in? They are showing I have 10 items when it’s more like 120. Could the merge be the problem?


The remainder may be readying for shipment to a different warehouse. Being merged may have overloaded the inventory at the that warehouse.


Patience is the only thing I can tell you to have. If there is a problem, Amazon will eventually let you know what it is and you can go from there. Otherwise, things will move along at Amazon’s pace. As @CJ_Tomes mentioned, it is unusual for a lot of a single item to be kept at a single warehouse and Amazon will move your product to other fulfillment centers around the country. Sometimes, this takes a lot of time.
Also, if they run into an issue when receiving your box of stuff, they may put it aside and try to fix the issue for you. This may also take some time. Again, just be patient and your stuff will either be received or you will get a message about a problem.


Patience.:smile: After 6 years here on Amazon I understand completely. I was FBM until a month ago and I finally decided to let Amazon do all the hard work. My items always say out of stock or backordered. So I haven’t been able to compete for the Buy Box or even the first page when in FBM I always had it.