MEM1-What happens with MEM1


MEM1- Proccessing time is too slow

10 days after delivery still waiting for check-in


I have the same problem with MEM1, I sent 14 cartons and 12 cartons has finished but the other 2 cartons still not process after 1 week. I worry about if they are lost.


We sent 40 cartons and none is process


The same problem to us.


We are having similar issues. For the past 3 years our main FC has been CLT2 and have had ZERO issues. Recently all shipments have been going to MEM1 and shipments have not been checked in for 2+ weeks and still counting. Of course one of largest sales holidays is Father’s Day so more lost revenue after 3 months of low sales. Thank you Amazon


Mem1 is about 6 hours from me. My stuff that goes out to WI, MD, CA, etc. is getting processed weeks before my Mem1 stuff. :confused:


It appears that a number of Fulfillment Centers have simply stopped receiving / processing inbound shipments. I suspect there are long lines of trailers waiting at the dock in FTW (many complaints about that one—we’re over a month delay with some shipments), ONT, LGB, and a few others.

No idea why, although it’s probably a safe bet that it’s COVID-related. Maybe health requirements are restricting the number of staff.

It would be nice if Amazon would at least acknowledge the problem and redirect future shipments to other warehouses.


Interesting because I was just looking that I have 6 shipments now marked as “rescheduled for delivery” by UPS. From their system it says the recipient has requested they be delivered at another time. The earliest one has been like that since the 16th.


Getting the same thing from them. Sucks.


We are having same issue. tracking notice said : arrived to Memphis by UPS on June 17th. Then marked for reschedule delivery instructions given to carrier. UPS has attempt to delivery on the 19th and on the 24th. Each time same notification “ delivery reschedule instructions “. We were shipping to CLT2 for more than 6 years and never had any delay. And even worst now each time we try to create a new shipment …guess which FC is selected by amazon …MEM1. Why Amazon does not allow us to send to another FC ?


Same here, sent 5 shipments. I’ve shipped to MEM1 almost exclusively for the past 2 years because they are closest, and have never had a delay until now. I figure it’s a combination of quarantine procedures and lack of workers. Only thing you can do is keep checking your shipment and hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.