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Amazon told us to send 2 large shipments to this useless warehouse, UPS are not even allowed to deliver goods they are so full.

Has anyone got any solution for shipments the can’t even be made to a warehouse? Its been a week now, no active stock left…


Your answer is FBM not relying on FBA. Your problem with FBA will be an ongoing if not growing pandemic.


We’re in the UK so no choice


You could partner with a US based FBM seller to help or use a 3rd party warehousing/picking/shipping service.

When we were larger, we use to provide FBA like services for some sellers. Typically we would receive large amounts of inventory and then fba smaller amounts to reduce their fees and allow them to not have limits on space. We also would allow them to send removed FBA items to us to be processed–either because they were returns that needed to be inspected or because they needed to have FBA inventory stored cheaper off season.

If all of this COVID-19 stuff has taught sellers anything it is that you need to have a backup for your backup.


I appreciate the insight its interesting to hear.

Our sales increased and we just couldn’t get the product manufactured fast enough.

If our shipments had been received at least near the delivery date Amazon could of at least started taking pre-orders but not accepting the stock at all doesn’t even allow that.

Buy buy Amazons Choice badge…


We’ve tried to create new shipments on Amazon as we now have more stock ready and we’re given the same MEM1 warehouse no matter how much we try to send (2 or 20 boxes).

Imagine knowingly suggesting customers send stock to warehouses that are already at capacity for weeks…


Yeah I have a theory (based on nothing really except status updates posted here) that they dropped a bunch of containers or trailers and stuffed them full and still haven’t cracked them open yet because the new stuff coming in is too much for them to deal with. Some people have reported that shipments from a month ago are sitting and not checked in but shipments to the same warehouse a couple weeks later were processed (slowly) before the “stalled” shipments.

If they won’t even accept UPS packages you know they are out of room–even in containers/trailers.

I will say this now…this could possibly be an issue this holiday season. Hopefully they clear the logjams way before that but right now nothing is a given. They had to “push back” the Prime Day sale because they knew they couldn’t handle any additional volume right now.

That might end up being canceled altogether or really downsized.

It seems that Amazon does not have the ability to even focus on the quicker moving items and instead is just randomly allowing stuff in that may just sit.

They need to start being honest with FBA users, Marketplace sellers and the media/public about the warehouse situation and how delayed they are, when they expect it to get better (and why), etc.


I agree about transparency, we uploaded our UPS tracking numbers so Amazon are fully aware that our fast moving item is out of stock with stock waiting to be checked, I think in reality it should be prioritised


Same problem with FTW1, shipment delivered 10 days ago still no active inventory.


We have tried creating a few different shipments for the same ASIN today of varying sizes, whichever we choose we are given MEM1 to send stock to - a warehouse which we know is full.

It doesn’t seem like we have any control over this situation, best to factor in 2-3 weeks extra for Amazon dealing with stock now…