Meltable Removal Delayed past May 15


Hey All,

I started a removal order placed back in March for a bunch of chocolate that was sitting in FBA. This was well within the 30 business day SLA before May 15. Now, May 15 (the meltables deadline) has passed and my units have not been shipped back to me. The Removal order detail shows the units haven’t been shipped and all the support cases I’ve opened have led to canned response about COVID-related delays and to continue to wait.

I consider them to be unsellable/damaged at this point. What options do I have to get reimbursed?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



They may not be ruined. The cutoff date has some margin for error and was probably set for worst possible conditions even then – chocolate stored at the PHX warehouse.


Hopefully that’s the case! What about the expiration date? These things only have a year shelf life and they’ve taken 2 months and counting from that. Any recourse?