Mediocre Christmas Rush So Far


I just had to refund a $1500/170 unit order from my website yesterday. I ordered inventory Monday and I’m still waiting for UPS. Normally it would show up here Wednesday.

Unfortunately, only one out of three boxes showed up Thursday, the other two got delayed. The storm here on the east coast backed UPS up. Had to eat the PP fees as the order was from a repeat customer.

In the past I would not even bother returning 170 units but with this recent sales decline. etc…


Always slow…People aren’t shopping Demand is Saturated and Supply is Glutted


Mine has been epic. Im worried about having zero stock in next 10 days.


Do you ever say anything different? Of course books are slow. Maybe get a new hobby or branch out
and find something that actually sales on the regular. I think you just enjoy hearing yourself talk about slow sales.


I really should join the sell at a loss and make a profit on volume club…!

That opens up a whole new area of pit falls and debacles I’ve missed out on…:grin: :disappointed_relieved:


A couple of my sites are doing real well but as for Amazon and the bay about 10% of what I have done other years


I think the book sellers may be getting all the sales …Merry Christmas Cabin and to everyone else as well

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