Mediocre Christmas Rush So Far


Thanksgiving being late this year really messes up the Christmas rush flow.

You almost lose a week of sales, since people don’t begin buying till after thanksgiving. Last year cyber monday was November 26th, this year its December 2nd.

It was an alright Black Friday and Cyber Monday for our store, but the past few days have been “slowish” for what we usually get for xmas sales.

I’m wondering if it will heat back up near end of this weekend.

I think Cyber monday being so late this year and into December, kind of shifts things up.

Definitely a short Christmas season this year for sales.

Anyone else relate?


I’m a small timer, so I don’t notice much in the way of change.

From a consumer perspective, I did ALL of my one a year shopping from sat-tues. This even includes personal care products. 60 bars of soap should sustain me a year.

Shopping for others, that’s the only thing left and there aren’t many others.

Hopefully for everyone’s sake, there aren’t a lot of similar manic’s running loose out there.


Less than mediocre thus far & not too much time to make up for the slow start.


Our busiest shipping day of the year is always the Monday after Cyber Monday. And from there is stays busy.


I sold the exact same number of units this CM as last year.


Good Cybermonday but since then, complete shit. Q3 and onward has been terrible on a number of levels. I’ve been selling on Amazon for seven years and this is my last big purchase. Shame as I enjoy the business but for a part time gig its become extremely difficult to keep up.


Never having any hot products, this is not my best time of year.

The real question is are there any hot products.

I see no evidence in the newspapers or in anything which penetrates to my consciousness.

Don’t compromise your hot products by posting what they are, but do any of the sellers who post here have any hot products?


I have several popular private label products that do well this time every year. Target keeps selling out of a popular toy so when they receive stock my wife gets an email alert, she goes and buys them all, sometimes the entire display (target lets her take the whole display) and then she resells them on Facebook Marketplace for 3X the cost.


A diner I frequent daily has told me this holiday has been dead compared to past years. They also said that Amazon has been sending employees home early…we have like 3 warehouses around here. I never heard of Amazon sending people home this time of year…


Billionaires can’t spend the money fast enough to redistribute the wealth, not that they try to is the first place. Maybe what’s happening now is the final drips from the golden shower.


They keep having Christmases every year. People were bound to get tired of it.


Agree with you on everything.


Our sales have increased, especially on the weekends. I’d say we’re up probably 3x what we were doing in the fall. Unfortunately we’re still only at about half of what we were doing last year.


Cringe :grimacing: not the best phrase


The placement of Thanksgiving and Christmas is definitely not usual. You have a late Thanksgiving and Christmas on a Wednesday.
It means that 12th through 18th will be madness and it will probably die for online retailers after the 20th because the weekend throws off the shipping times to get packages before Christmas. Walmart, Best Buy, Kohls and Target and other large retailers will have better numbers as folks will be forced to do their last minute shopping at a brick and mortar. You’ll also see crazier discounts when retailers realize their inventory isn’t moving like they expected.
Just be grateful there isn’t some massive blizzard like in years past.


my Sept, Oct and November sales have been weak compared to last year, so not expecting anything different for xmas…


Personally… I ran out of 17 of my top 20 sellers over the bf,cm weekend. Sales today are my first truly slow day since Thanksgiving day. My seller app says up 2104% from same period last year… But I had a really slow 2018 soooo may be a bad comparative


I wonder if everyone is waiting because Amazon claimed they would be able to deliver in one day?


I smell a class action lawsuit…I pay for prime 2 day shipping and they’ve giving me delivery dates 4 days out!


You could argue that the last big trendy item was the NES classic or the StarWars BB8, but I think it was more of price gougers and scalpers than of it being a true shortage. The last “Beanie Baby” and “Tickle Me Elmo” type hot holiday product I can remember is the Nintendo Wii. There just weren’t any to be had…anywhere…when it came out.

Hot products don’t have the lifespan that they used to. I remember when we would have a hot product and it would at least 9 months. Now it’s more like flavor of the month. Remember fidget spinners? Those were the hottest thing for about 3 months and then people moved on.
I think the zeitgeist of the current internet/social media is that it creates buzz quickly and easily, but just as quickly and easily, people migrate to the next trend. The attention span just isn’t there anymore.
Regarding products, people are able to go online and purchase a “hot” item from a whole nation of sellers putting their offer out there. There’s no more driving from store to store looking for some gizmo like it was in the 90’s. You want it, you buy it. And on top of that, ANY product that hits it big will no doubt get knocked off in a matter of weeks by our Chinese frenemies and either kill or super saturate the market for that trendy item.
Just my thoughts. Back to work.