MDW2 Delay


Hi there, I have around 2 pallets worth of inventory delivered to MDW2 but still waiting them to check-in for about a week and a half. I have never experienced this for almost two years now. Any ideas?


Sure, I’ve got some ideas. It is probably still slow due to the virus. Also, as Amazon has lifted the limitations of what can be shipped in, there are a ton of sellers like you waiting in line.


I have the same issue, I am sending to MDW2 since 2 years ago and have not faced this amount of delay. Mine is not pallet just 7 cartons


Many thanks for your responses! Hope they will expedite the process asap. I should have seen this coming ;(


We have the same issue, a shipment to MDW2 showing as “delivered” since May 15th and several more delivered after that in same status. Nothing has been unpacked or added to our sellable inventory.

Very frustrating because our top-selling product is now showing as “unavailable” to customers as of last night, yet there is a month’s worth of inventory at the loading dock and in transit to Amazon!

I think we were spoiled by having MDW2 unpack things so quickly in the past. However, it was not even possible to send more inventory up until about 2 weeks ago because of strict inventory limits in place then.


They must have some problems…usually they were receiving/checking my shipments i 1-2 day.
I have few shipments delivered but not processed…the oldest delivered on May 15…but not proccessed yet.


I have some waiting in the line since earlier this month. These are expiration dated products with over 2K units/month. I am not sure if they prioritize incoming inventory based on sales volume but I need badly for them to get my inventory back on the shelves. My asins will be out of stock in few hours :frowning: