MCF to US Virgin Islands



I received an order that requires shipping to the US Virgin Islands. Here is a modified version of the address:

John Doe
kingshill VI 00851

This was provided as an alternative

Street address: PO Box 1950
Street address#2 (blank)
City: Kingshill
State: VI
Zip code : 00851

Is there anyway to fulfill this order through Amazon MCF? The inventory is in Amazon’s possession so purchasing shipping elsewhere is not an option. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Not an international address.

Sure the Virgin Islands are just like shipping to the USA, except I think they’re zone 9 or the highest Zone… You can send it USPS , & I would it to the PO box… less Hands handling it…

USPS is the Best Choice to Ship to the US Virgin Islands

You’ll always get the best mix of quick delivery times and affordable rates when you use USPS to ship to the US Virgin Islands. Similar to when you [ship a package to Puerto Rico] or the other US Territories, USPS treats the US Virgin Islands just like domestic mailing anywhere else the United States. As a result, you’ll never pay more than what you’d normally pay to ship packages within the continental US! In addition, all of the standard delivery times for [the different USPS mail classe)

Do I Need to Fill out Customs Forms?

Nope! Believe it or not, USPS doesn’t require you to fill out customs forms when mailing or shipping parcels to the US Virgin Islands.