MCF shipping not shipping in time frame they are charging me


I use MCF shipping for websites.

I use standard and expedited. I don’t use overnight because I already know that is going to cause me headache.

However, lately customers have been wanting Expedited shipping. According to MCF policy that is
1 day to ship and 2 days in shipping process = total of 3 days

So I sell this as a 3 day shipping speed on my site.

Lately people have been wanting the Expedited shipping and it is taking close to 10 days to deliver. On this last one they used UPS to give to USPS which is UPS super cheap residential delivery (I have this option through stamps dot com so I know, this is the longest delivery option available).

I open a claim and they say:

"understand your concern regarding the order ID S01-9833190-6683657 and would like to get refund for expedited shipping charges.

Please be informed that you are eligible for reimbursements on your MCF orders if we determine that they have been lost or damaged.

Also ineligible for reimbursements are MCF fulfillment fees for pick, pack, and ship, and orders that are marked as delivered by the carrier.

Upon checking, I see that the shipment has been delivered correctly by the carrier. You can confirm the same by referring to the following link(s).


Hence, no reimbursement is required."

Another rep said at some point that they ‘couldn’t’ ship this one Expedited.

Well, Amazon CHARGED me for Expedited and I had to REFUND the customer. But Amazon wont even reimburse me for the difference in Expedited to Standard shipping???

I have linked the MCF and policy, but I don’t see how this is fair. They also DON’T treat your customers like Amazon, they require the customer to sign statements, give me pictures, and all kinds of hoops to jump through, yet for my customers they just give money away from my account.

Any help on this on how to manage my customers expectations so I am not losing customers because Amazon obviously doesn’t care about them, even though I am paying alot for this service


Wait, what? Amazon does not give any of your buyers a refund when you use MCF. They are you buyers.

Also Amazon never requires a buyer give them images.

Are you using MCF to fulfill Amazon orders that were supposed to be FBM?


These are for shipping for my website

I use FBA for Amazon sales and for website sales (but they call it MCF because its not as good as FBA).

They charge flat rate, so for my products its about $5.25 to ship standard which is great for me.

For Expedited (2 day shipping), they charge me about $8-9.

Recently many of my ‘expedited’ shipment through MCF are arriving in 10 days, Amazon support says that is ‘within the time frame’, but the only time frame I can see is the one in the MCF page which says it should be there within 3 days.

I know things happen, my customer wants a refund of the extra shipping, no problem. Amazon however will not refund me for shipping or even the difference of expedited and standard.

I cannot find more info on ‘time frames’ and what they will and wont refund me (listening to SS is obviously wrong most of the time). So I am trying to find anyone with more info on MCF policy that I can use to police my shipments.

They have refunded me for damaged products, but I cannot simply just sell people 2-3 Day ‘expedited’ shipping if Amazon thinks that 10 day shipping is ok… (standard shipping is 5 days, so it shouldn’t even take 10 days for ANY shipping)


Yeah, you’re probably SOL here. The only thing I can suggest is clicking on the “Feedback” link within the MCF order in Amazon and filling out their survey. I have heard from the MCF team in the past, and they seem like they want to improve - but Seller Support is entirely useless here… They’ve asked us for photos of the box and shipping label for shipments that were not delivered to the customer :man_facepalming:t3:


OK, well at least I know its not just me, haha.

I will do the survey.

Like Seller Support it is just so all over the place with what they do. I have found that I will simply take care of my customers and then keep pushing it with SS. I finally got them to refund a package that was damaged only after 16 open cases on it… how crazy?


Go to Seller Support > Fulfillment by Amazon > Orders > Investigate/Request Reimbursement for a Multichannel Order > Select Issue > Order was delivered late.

I’m dealing with this right now on an order that was placed on January 4 and was just delivered on January 21. I was forced to refund the buyer on another channel.


This is the response I received after reporting a (very) late delivery on a Standard MCF order:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand your concern regarding the Multi Channel order ID:*** updates.

We confirm the unit from the *** was delivered however if your order is not delivered within seven days after the promised delivery date or estimated delivery date, you can claim a lost reimbursement with Selling Partner Support. You have up to 90 days after the promised delivery date to submit your claim, which must include all three of the following:

  1. Order ID
  2. Proof of the original non-Amazon order, such as a screenshot of your Shopify order. The order must include the customer’s name and address.
  3. Proof of refund or replacement provided to the customer, including the customer’s name and address.


This is why I posted here to find the policy. You just got quoted 7 days. I was told 10 days.

So I am having trouble easily gettting these refunded since every person is saying a different time frame!

If I pay for 2-3 day shipping, 7 days shouldn’t still be in the window


This is for product reimbursement, not just refund of shipping cost.

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