MCF Item Shipping Limits


Hi. We’re an Amazon Unified Europe Seller as well as having an Amazon USA account. This is the first time we will be shipping from the UK to the USA to use Amazon as our fulfilment centre for NON Amazon orders.
Question - is there a limit on the amount of product Amazon will MCF fulfil to a singe customer? ie if we sold single teapots and a customer wanted 1000, would this be possible?. If so I guess we would be charged per teapot and therefore if might be better to list several SKU’s (1 SKU for single items, 1 SKU for qty 100 and so on …)
Thank you


The fees are listed. Amazon will not kit for you. If you want to offer a sku containing 100, you will need to supply it that way.


Thank you. Yes I’d sort out the SKU’s. Is there is a limit on product qty Amazon will ship to a single customer? Cant find this info anywhere.



No but for each item , they probably would go separately possibly & have the multi-channel Fulfillment fees levied for each one… so the customer could end up with a thousand boxes…

Logic doesn’t enter into any of this remember?

Billy Bob / Betty Sue boo boo / or the robot do not have any reasoning Powers – as they are packing boxes, it’s totally autonomous - takes a short period of time… Probably less than a minute…

Possibly no humans involved or critical thinking in the packing process which you or your people might do??

Probably some YouTube videos out there of Amazon’s assembly line and packing station you’ll get an idea…

Have fun good luck…