MCF- Is Priority next day ship-out or next day delivered to customer?


Does “PRIORITY next day shipping” in MCF mean that the product is shipped that day to arrive overnight at the customers door the next day?


MCF is not guaranteed and my experience is that it can not be trusted for ship or delivery window shipments.


Expedited and Priority Orders placed after 1:00 p.m. EST will ship on the following business day. From


Wow. So, Standard takes 3-5 days JUST TO LEAVE THE WAREHOUSE? And expedited take 2 days just to leave the warehouse, and Priority leaves the next day?

Then they are shipped via Ground UPS?


I read it as if you place the order now (after 1pm EST), it will ship Monday and be delivered in 2-Day or Next Day if Expecited or Priority.

I have never used MCF but was looking into it. I have not heard if they do weekends. I have read that standard 3-5 days they may wait until day 3 or 4 to even ship but still get it delivered by the 5th day.


I just checked our last 3 Expedited MCF orders. All 3 shipped the same day the order was placed. One was shipped USPS Parcel Select, one was UPS 2nd day air, and the third was shipped UPS ground. All 3 were delivered within 2 days.


@HDMS Thanks for the info. How about standard orders? I guess I am looking for how soon do we get a tracking number.


I would say 95% of our standard orders usually ship within 1-3 days. We have had some take as long as 7.


Thanks, everyone. It’s wild that you really can’t get a solid answer from Amazon on this question.

This wording:

PRIORITY next day shipping

makes it seem like the package would go out that day to arrive at the customer the next day.

But, it is seeming more like you are paying double the standard rate just to semi-assure that the package will be shipped OUT the next day, and not delivered the next day.

Kindly let me know if I am off base on this.

Thanks again for all of the help.


I guess depending on the size it might be higher. Standard small goes from $5.85 to $7.90 so $3 more to be sure you get a tracking number the same or next day.

In shipping there is always a cutoff. Orders place before 1pm EST ship the same day. Then 2 days for delivery. I will hand the FedEx Express guy packages today. They will be delivered on Tuesday (2 days).


@HDMS One last question. Does MCF ship in plain boxes (No logo or smile)?


I wish they did, and I cannot verify this, but I’ve read where they ship in Amazon boxes and tape, that’s why MCF is banned for people who sell on, etc.


They are supposed to be shipped in plain brown boxes but there are many stories of that supposedly not happening.


All the test orders we have placed have come in plain boxes but we haven’t done one in quite a while. We don’t mind if they ship in Amazon boxes as we state on our site that we use Amazon to fulfill our orders.

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