MCF fees for lost packages are being taken twice


I sold an item on Etsy for $14.75 to be sent MCF and Amazon take a fee of $5.55. The package never gets to USPS, so I make a claim and Amazon refund me $9.20, which is the sale price minus the MCF fee . But I have already paid the MCF fee so I now have a credit on my account for $9.20 and a debit for $5.55, so I am left with $3.65. This is $11.10 less than the sale price, so the $5.55 is being taken off twice.

I checked back on my previous refunds and they are all the same, which probably means all MCF sellers are losing out.

If I had sold the item for $11 I would have paid $5.55, then got a refund of $5.45, so I would lose money because Amazon lost the package. Am I missing something or has Amazon got this wrong?


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This thread is asking if if anyone can tell me that I am right about this problem or have missed something and the other thread is asking if anyone knows another way to contact Amazon. Not sure how that is a duplicate thread?

Do you have a solution to these problems?. If not, why don’t you two find something better to do, to boost your self-esteem.


I think you are looking at this wrong.

First, of course you are going to lose money in the case of a lost package. You have to pay the MCF fee (once) no matter what, right? Not to mention the item disappeared.

Second, you only paid Amazon the MCF fee one time. It was right after they pretended to ship your item and they initially debited your account. I say “pretended” because it sounds like they printed the label but never actually shipped it. I mean, USPS has no record of it, right? I suppose it’s possible that USPS lost it, but more likely Amazon did.

Anyway, you paid the MCF fee a second time when you voluntarily refunded your customer in FULL. Amazon reimbursed you $9.20 of that, and not that you had any other option, but it was your choice to refund that additional $5.55 to your customer.

It sounds like you are getting screwed, definitely, but Amazon is not breaking their own policy. All of Amazon’s policies are written to give them the advantage, but it sounds like they did exactly what they said they would, which is reimbursed you “what you should have made.”

Try fulfilling yourself if you don’t like getting screwed.


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