MCF and Supplements


I’m trying to determine the best way to fulfill our supplement products MCF orders. Our products are in 250cc (8 oz) bottles (2.516" Dia. x 4.375" H), well under 500g.

ISSUE: We get a lot of single unit orders, but also have larger 24 unit orders (that we send to clinic-clients). For single units, the MCF pricing seems fair (although, I’d like to see if we qualify for small and light, or something). The Amazon Help people said that for our 24 unit orders, they will charge us $5.85 per unit…which sounds ridiculous.

Any suggestions from the community?

Much appreciated.


If the item are listed as single items on Amazon then you will be charged for each single item.

If you are the manufacturer and setup multi-packs then the fees would be less. The multi-packs would need their own UPC codes and sent to FBA as a multi-pack. Check the help files on the multi-pack requirements to ensure you don’t violate any of the policies.


Only products in new condition that measure 16 x 9 x 4 inches or less, weigh 10 oz or less, and are priced at $7 or less are eligible for Small and Light.

Not allowed: Slow-moving products (ASINs offered on Amazon for more than 90 days that have sold fewer than 25 units in the last four weeks)

So from what I saw, your product does not qualify.


Thanks for the input! Do you happen to have a link to the ‘Mutli-pack Requirements’? I find it super difficult to navigate the resources on Amazon…


Thanks JwsMarket…saved me a lot of time researching!


I usually just search on google and choose the relevant seller central page that comes up on that search (or a forum post if it looks like it helps)

this link was the first link on my search