Maximum inventory: When recalculated?


Hello. I’m trying to find out how frequently Amazon recalculates Maximum Inventory Level Allowed?

For context:
We were running very low on stock with our last order due to shipping delays and decided to slow down our sales velocity to avoid running out of stock completely. Once our shipment was finally checked in at Amazon early in July, we re-started our PPC and other initiatives to reignite our sales. Naturally, that took a couple of weeks but we are now moving about XX units per day.

Unfortunately, our Max Inventory Level allowed is currently XXX units. At our current sales velocity, that means we will run out of stock every 11 days. Our lead time with our supplier is 90 days. As such, we will have to engage a 3rd party logistics to warehouse larger shipments and then feed small and frequent orders to Amazon. However, even with that plan, we will likely run out of stock on a regular basis since check-in time is longer than our 11-day in stock time.

Our only hope is to increase our Maximum Inventory Level Allowed, so…

  1. How often and when is Maximum Inventory Level Allowed re-calculated?
  2. Considering that consistently running out of stock will negatively impact every re-calculation of Max Inventory Level Allowed, is there anything I’m missing to break out of this profit-limiting loop?

Thanks in advance!


You should look for a 3PL that also will fulfill order. Then you can use FBM while waiting for stock at FBA.

Is the Max Inventory Level you are asking about by the ASIN the total storage for the seller?

I do not think anyone can even guess correctly about the ASIN limits. It would make sense that there would need to be some history. Is that two weeks, four weeks???

Maximum inventory: When recalculated?

Thank you!

We will look into a 3PL that will also fulfill order. FBM is new to us so we’ll look into that suggestion. It’s a good one! One big question I have is if it is quick and easy to switch back and forth between FBM and FBA as this ASIN fluctuates between being in stock/restocked/out of stock. And if there any pitfalls or penalties I should be aware of.

The Max Inventory Level I’m asking about is currently set at XXX for one ASIN. We dropped incredibly low in May (intentionally slowing sales) and were even out of stock at the end of June. But we have quickly reignited sales for July starting mid-Kuly once restocked. At that point of restocking, we had unlimited restock level since we were still within 1-year new seller. We are now post 1-year and the XXX max inventory level of XXX is now in effect and that presents a chokehold on actual and projected sales.

Does that help? Thanks, @JwsMarket!