Massive Shipment Hijack Operation Within Amazon?


When sending FBA inventory into Amazon FC, has anyone encountered destination FC in Carrier Central has been changed secretly? This change doesn’t reflect on your Seller Central-Shipping Queue.

The change of destination FC in Carrier Central system may result in shipment being flagged as “CLOSED” or “EXPIRED” when carrier tries to book delivery appointment. However, the Seller Central page always displays “READY TO SHIP”.

We accidentally uncovered this event, it happened in Amazon UK/IT, and no support team wants to handle the issue. Carrier may just drop the shipment at FC as per seller central but shipment maybe vanished in Amazon Italy since someone already changed the destination FC information in carrier central system - no trace is possible when shipment is lost.

One pallet was lost/vanished in UK FC @ 2019. This recent incident is making us very nervous.

Is this a Cybercrime? White collar crime? Trying to identify the relevant authority that may investigate the issue since Amazon isn’t taking any action.

Sorry folks, I know this is US seller forum. I ain’t getting any help in EU so am hopeful someone here can share some experience/advice.


max… problematic is you’re dealing with a couple of different countries, that always confuses law enforcement… is there anybody at Interpol that you can talk to?

Or does that just exist in spy novels I read…

Law enforcement --here is big on deciding that this is civil & not criminal, & dropping the ball on actually getting involved…

LAPD is famous for that…

The feds like to see a chain of all interrelated events, that they can link together & go after gangs of people…

Good luck


I am in Alaska and I shipped one box last week and one this week. The Ups Store scanned it under Usps media and took it. I didn’t pay anything up front and now I can’t see where the hand off took place nor track them. Nobody knows where the packages went. I to got a shipment Id similar to yours.

Shipment id Destination

Shipping to LGB8
1568 N Linden Ave
Rialto, CA 92376-8624
United States

I have no idea if Ill ever see my 2 boxes again at this point.


spy novels? coincident? i wish… here’re my two cases:

UK | 2019 | Initially, Amazon UK refused to accept responsibility, then we turned to file insurance claim, when insurance investigator started working, Amazon UK makes reimbursement for the entire pallet.

US | 2017 | Lost 3 pallets. Amazon US helped with providing pictures. We filed insurance claim. Insurance investigator found the last trails at UPS, gave an ultimatum if he ain’t allowed to go inside UPS warehouse for checking, he’ll file a police report. 90% of shipment mysteriously appeared and delivered to Amazon FC within two weeks.

Go do some study what is “Overgoods Shipment” in UPS system, this is the loophole for potential fraud. And, my lost goods were tagged as “Overgoods Shipment” by UPS.

I believe there is a similar inventory/shipment allocation within Amazon system. Unclaimed shipment will be auctioned at later date.


I feel for you, it will be very hard to find them


It seems as though your insurance company has a pretty good investigator and it might be time to involve them again.


Insurance investigator…that is - if my carrier can make a delivery appointment within carrier central, and shipment is lost after Receiving/Reconciliation


Any traditional distribution agreement would always have wording something like “we may lose up to 5% of your stock per year”. This is normal and will happen if you outsource fulfilment to a third party - by definition you are losing/letting go of control.


I would hope that you had insurance for the shipment once you handed the shipment to the carrier