Marketplace Appstore launches worldwide


What has changed?

The Amazon Marketplace Appstore is launched in Europe, India, Japan, and Australia! The Amazon Marketplace Appstore helps selling partners identify trusted third-party applications that complement Amazon’s free tools and help them streamline their business operations. We are expanding to new countries so selling partners around the world can more easily discover these applications and ultimately create a better experience for our customers.

How does this affect me?

Starting September 30th, 2019, all developers of Amazon Marketplace Web Service applications who sell their applications or offer them for use to selling partners other than themselves are required to be listed in the Marketplace Appstore. This helps Selling Partners discover quality and trusted applications.

We have amended the Amazon Selling Partner API Developer Agreement to include terms governing participation in the Marketplace Appstore. Please review those terms carefully. We would also like to remind you that adherence to the Acceptable Use Policy and Data Protection Policy is required in order to participate in the Marketplace Appstore.

What action is required?

Please submit your application to be listed in the Marketplace Appstore by September 30th. To add your application to the Marketplace Appstore, go Developer Central for the marketplace where you want your application to appear:

For more information

For more information, see the Marketplace Appstore page in Seller Central.

The Amazon Selling Partner API Developer Agreement:

Acceptable Use Policy:

Data Protection Policy:

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