Many Prime Items are now THREE DAYS


Ordered yesterday shipping envelopes, guaranteed to be here in two days, Wednesday. Just got a shipping notice and they are prime, but not 2 days. It is now three day. I called customer service, and the lady I spoke to the same thing had happened to here. Then I went to buy another item, and it now says 3 days. What is going on?


I don’t think Amazon can guarantee 2 day delivery during the Christmas season - maybe


Sure they can, UPS does, but they are saving money, but we are still paying for the faster delivery.


Just checked a small item and it was prime, and would not be delivered until Thursday.


Now here is a prime item, not going to be delivered until FRIDAY, this is Monday
Guaranteed delivery: Dec. 5, 2014 If you order in the next 32 minutes and 25 seconds (Details)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex Mini Set 1set


Quantity: 1 Changequantity of Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex Mini Set 1set from 1



You tie one on and look like hell… get

Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex Mini Set

What a name


It depends on the area, not distance. We mail a lot of things USPS Priority Mail. Some have two days, some three. It depends on the efficiency of the carriers in that area. Its the headache of travel to rural areas with limited distribution. Amazon also probably has the same headaches in these areas. We can get stuff from VA to L.A. in two days. But if its a DVD going to rural Georgia or rural anywhere its three days. Why? My guess is that the slow mail carriers in some areas have to finish making their batches of moonshine first, while reading your magazines and watching your movies. :slight_smile: (Just kidding, I hope).


They don’t guarantee ground 14 days before the 25th. Everything else is guaranteed.


My guess?

Prime has so many members now that the costs aren’t subsidized by the fees any more. There are too many people watching videos, listening to music, and getting 2-day shipping for free that Amazon can’t keep up.

It is a very feature-rich subscription, and each feature costs money. The price increase wasn’t taken well by long-time members (many unsubscribed), and college students get the shipping and discounts for free for the first six months (but nothing else) and then half price as long as they are enrolled.

Add in Amazon’s almost insane consumption of new businesses and business models into itself, and you can see the dotted line around the invisible man.


It is not my listing. I do not use FBA. Also it is not 14 days before the 25th


UPS suspends their guarantee on all Ground, 3-day, and 2-day shipments from December 11 to December 24. They do this every year. Only overnight/1day shipments are guaranteed.

I believe Amazon is showing accurate delivery times for the items in question, be that it may be longer than the 2 day prime shipping we are used too. It might be they are overwhelmed? or maybe just the one shipping warehouse that item is shipping from is overwhelmed for the day? Their logistics systems already knows it and has extra days posted for the delivery.

50.2 Exclusions
The UPS Service Guarantee does not apply to:

–UPS Ground shipments or UPS Standard™ shipments that are picked up or scheduled to be
delivered during the fourteen calendar days before December 25.


Guessing combination of things - start of Christmas shopping, cyber monday orders, and amazon using UPS smartpost and FedEx equal - I have an order that has been in my city for 3 days now - delivery not expected until Dec 2nd but arrived my town November 29th Lynne


It’s more likely they sold out of the item in the closest warehouses to where you live, and have to ship it from a longer distance. Prime 2-day assumes at least one warehouse in your region has product availability. The minute you go coast-to-coast or midwest-out it’s tougher.

For example, the item you listed that wouldn’t arrive until Friday:

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex Mini Set 1set

When I search for this on Amazon, it tells me that if I order in the next 48 minutes they can deliver it to me tomorrow…


I bought a TV yesterday and assumed the issue was just that it was a TV and thus difficult to ship. Interestingly, I was offered one day shipping which would have arrived on Wednesday, and two day shipping (free) which would have arrived on Thursday. I was ordering Sunday night.


Could be that Perfumes can’t ship Air. It can only ship Ground Service even if it is Prime.


Did it show in stock, or an extra 1-2 days handling time on the ASIN?


I had a similar problem last night.
I ordered ribbon and it showed One Day shipping would arrive Tuesday, Two Day shipping would arrive Thursday.
Admittedly, math is not my strong suit, but…Hmmm…


I went through all the things I buy regularly through prime as a customer. The delivery date says 2 days. But shows it will arrive on Friday. I saw one face cream that was prime, and it was 9.99 extra to get it Wednesday and normal prime delivery is Friday. They have changed all of the prime dates.


Something else to check is stock. Sometimes when items are in the warehouses where they separate and ship to other warehouses the item still shows stock but will show a longer ship time because its moving from warehouse to warehouse but its in Amazons control. Prime is estimated at 2 days but not guaranteed. If you want a guarantee then pay the 3.99 for the overnight.


I suspect this is temporary, for the holiday season. Carriers do get behind.