Manual processing fees


We use a 3rd party software to list our FBA inventory. Forever we have been uploading a manifest that our software provides so that we don’t get hit with a manual processing fee.

Now that Amazon has rebuilt how FBA works, it seems like we can no longer upload a manifest (we tried figuring out how to integrate the new xcel sheet but I don’t think it’s possible) so we switched to the 2D barcode method. We print out a QR code that Amazon scans to show them what is in that box.

When we select the 2D barcode option when finalizing our FBA shipment it still tells us we will have that manual processing fee per item even though we are sending the boxes with a 2D barcode with the box contents.

Has anyone used 2D barcode and can you confirm if that fee drops off once the boxes get to the warehouse and they scan the 2D barcode?

Side question - When we print the shipping labels we still get the extra amazon label with them. With 2D barcode do we still include that other label? So it would be shipping label + amazon label + amazon QR code label all on the box?


Has nobody used 2D barcodes? Still curious if we will be charged like it is saying it will


I also came across this problem with the new workflow (using 3rd party App to list with 2D barcodes, but still showing a manual processing fee). I don't know if the charge will get dropped or not; I have been using the old workflow before now. I'm using Accelerlist and just messaged them asking if they are compatible with the new workflow.

But to answer your side question, yes I put all three labels on the box: shipping label + amazon label on long side of box, 2D box contents label on short side of box.