Managing price to maintain Featured Offer eligibility in Pricing Health


I thought I worked for my self. Price fixing or forcing sound underhanded. Thanks partner. Hey amazon why don’t you try to fix you very badly operated catalog. That would be a real partner. Or something seller friendly. After all we are your partners???


My favorite is when Amazon delists our products for pricing errors, and then lo and behold they have the buy box, selling the same item for a higher price than our inactivated listing. Amazon, if you are listening, I and other sellers can share specific examples.

Amazon: Please leave pricing alone and allow the free market (aka buyers and sellers) to determine what is “fair”.


We have stopped selling prime on a lot of items. I stopped getting bad (scam) customers. We raised some prices and kept the rest at the same price they where when offered as prime. Sales did not decline and returns for all reasons drop dramatically. We still can win the bye box some times even as a non prime offer. We never use the pricing tolls ( do not want to alert the bots…) Think about this… Amazon prime members have a feeling off entitlement.


Yesterday, I intentionally removed some items from my Amazon cart and purchased them elsewhere. It felt good.


I don’t offer free shipping except for a very few items when I lost my mind one month. However, I do have over 500 items taken down for the high price nonsense. Then there are the suppressed listings, and then other nonsense to the point I think I am getting close to 1000 items that have been delisted. I am only one person. I don’t have time to go through all these bogus ‘high priced’ items to fix them.


isn’t this this part of the reason they are having a antitrust laws slapped on them? Were already forced to give you our invoices on our items then amazon comes and gets the items from the distributer then the distributer sends a email out that no purchases after a certain date can be sold on amazon because amazon made a deal with them to sell there items. Has happen to us.


I have a item which was blocked for nearly 1 year, the initial price is 24$, now it is 14.9$, but Amazon also saying “Potential high pricing error”, CASE for several times, no any solutions

If I set a “sale” on some items , the “Potential high pricing error” comes up again
Why the “sale” affects the price?


Lol our fees actually amount to over 10x times that. If you google “How much does Amazon make from third party seller”

Answer: In 2019, Amazon generated 53.76 billion U.S. dollars in third - party seller service revenues, up from 42.75 billion U.S. dollars in the previous year.


Amazon marks items with potential high pricing, when the item is listed at the manufacturer retail pricing. Explain that one Amazon!!


We have (now had) a book with original price from 25 yrs ago of $4.95. There are about 10 listed in Acceptable to Very Good up to 11.95. My book was Like New priced at 14.95. It keeps getting deactivated for too high a price, but none of the others listed get deactivated. (the message is “original price is $4.95”) Three other books in the same series I priced at 4 times higher and they never got deactivated. The only solution that has ever worked is to delete listing and change them to collectible, which mostly hides the listing from buyers. There must be some method they use to decide which listings (or sellers) to pick on. In checking some really old listings to do some purging, I find we have some old, outdated books at very high prices - $400-500 - that have 3 or 4 later issues and have been listed for 10 years. Amazon hasn’t touched these. And I still often see listings of other sellers’ books listed as Acceptable for over $1000, where the rest of the listings are in 10-$40 range. Why are they not deactivated? (Maybe we are being singled out because we open a case for almost every book deactivated - although I get the same generic response… and I send the same bad feedback about their answer)


AS I understand it, antitrust is in the wind - strong wind.


Recently had a book refused due to pricing error - small book, kids, I priced mine at apx $9 the others were from mega-sellers at $850 and $950. Theirs are still there, mine is on Ebay.


Snake Oil


Wait a few weeks they will be deactivate again. we have about 5% of our listing deactivated all the time for pricing, photos name it. We used to relisted but finally we gave up and we just deleted it and sell it some were else.


One of my big ones the MSRP and retail price is $49. I lowered down to $23. Amazon had buy box at 32 and I still had high pricing violation.


I especially like it when they tell me my price is too high but their price is even higher than mine.

I also like it when they have something at 2x retail, but then again, mine is too high.


Pricing health?
looks like you control the price and it does not matter what our cost is
Such a great system that pairs well with no return needed for any refund


we are not their partners. we are their internal competitors.


So ridiculous, Amazon shut down dozens of our listings under $20 because we went from free shipping to charging for shipping because USPS is such a nightmare to deal with. What would you rather have a lost package and poor customer experience vs an extra $5 charge that covers the cost of a shipping option that will actually make it there?


It won’t. AMZN owns US Govt.