Managing Order - Customer Information Missing


When I am searching for a MCF Order in Manage Orders I am unable to search by the customer name (buyer) or email as I can with FBA orders. This makes it very difficult to find a specific order. In order to locate a specific MCF order Amazon has directed me to search the SKU and looking at each individual order until I find the correct one I am searching for. Is there another, less time-consuming way? The Order ID option doesn’t match up to my Order numbers (as it does on FBA) and I am not sure what the Tracking ID information is. Please help. I am waisting a bunch of time researching orders. If there isn’t a better way on Seller Central have you found a service/ application or software that assists with this?


It is odd that they do not let you search by order id. It appears you can add that column to an orders report and down load it.


When we create an MCF order, we enter our own order ID and we can search using that ID.