Manage Seller Fulfilled Returns - Where do I pull the "Requires Authorization" information from?


I have recreated the old Amazon dashboard that was actually useful and functional for my company. The only thing I can’t find in MWS is where to pull the “Manage Seller Fulfilled Returns” information.

We have many items that are exempted from automatic returns, and need to pull the information as display only for when there is a return that we need to authorize. Where in the world can we get this information? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere in the orders area, in reports, or anyplace else!

Amazon penalizes us if we don’t authorize a return request right away, but they removed the ability to see when there is a return we need to authorize from the main seller central page. I need to pull that information for MY seller central page that I have coded using the API so that I can see immediately when I need to take action and authorize a return request from customers.


I had one yesterday that needed to be authorized and the only way I found out about it was I saw it in my email.

Amazon removing this from the front page is sabotage.

I call now my seller central page the SELLER SABOTAGED page.


I think I found a way, but can’t be sure if it shows up there right away or if there is a delay. I found:


While the report only shows Authorized and Closed returns currently in my account, I’m hoping this is only due to my not having any open return requests right now and it will work properly once there is a request that needs to be approved.


Also try the standard returns report _GET_XML_RETURNS_DATA_BY_RETURN_DATE_ and look for the field <return_request_status> . I think the values are Approved, Pending, Closed (or something similar)

The same report in tsv format _GET_FLAT_FILE_RETURNS_DATA_BY_RETURN_DATE_

Both of these can be scheduled daily.