Main Seller Central screen


anyone else have the “7 Days Sales” number at the top showing exactly 3X’s what its suppose to? (its correct on the right side bar, but not at the top)

It appears to be exactly 3X what it should be.

so if the actual 7-day sales is $111.11 it shows $333.33 (just making up that number)

and as sales come in, its changing 3X’s more.


Mine is showing correctly.


Mine is showing 2x. So, something is up.


Yes, also the number of open orders is doubled. (So I have 3 FBA, 3 pending and 7 unshipped and it shows 26.)


Yes, when we get in at 7am eastern we always check that chart. It is way off, I was prepared to explain to our finance person, we don’t actually have those sales over the last 7 days.

Now, if we could just get them to put it in our bank before they notice…