Main image change


Please i need help :cry: I updated my main image on my listing for the past 3 days my listing has been suppressed, I have contacted seller support multiple times all they keep telling me is wait 12 to 48.
I have waited for 72hrs and nothing changed
I have even tried my old main image still no change
I have try it all, refresh my browser use different browser use different laptop
My image is upto standard requirements 1000px above pure white background no logo no fda

Seller support suggested I should delete and relist i don’t know how that’s going to affect my rankings and reviews. Someone pls suggested for me


Ratings and reviews stay with the ASIN. I know from experience you can delete an ASIN, then add it back later. Reviews will be there, though with everything Amazon, they can take days to show up.


I can use the same upc code?
Does this mean amazon won’t generate new asin?
How ho I do re-list? As a new product not sold on Amazon?


When you add the product, instead of using the UPC, use the ASIN (UPC will automatically be added).

If you use the UPC and the seller sku is different Amazon will assign a new ASIN. Safer to use ASIN when adding instead of UPC.

And, yes, re-list as a new product not sold on Amazon, just like you did the first time.