LTL Shipments are refused by GYR3-unknown consumer


Hi, if anybody has faced the same issue? My shipments has been refused, while I’m not very clear the reason.
The email from GYR3
“Entire trailer is coming up as unknown consumer in FC Research this is causing all items to not bind to any arcs which is causing all items to kick out to mancheck…
Since this is a They-Pay load, please work with the vendor to get the load reworked and a CARP appointment rescheduled. Please contact vendor for disposition on getting this freight worked and the problem fixed.”


Good luck with the issue. Did you use a partnered carrier? If it was a partnered carrier not sure why Amazon is asking you to help get an appointment scheduled.

That message seems to have been written in a different language then translated to English? I am guessing this was a load from overseas sent via non- partnered carrier? It seems Amazon believes the information provided by the carrier doesn’t match on their system so an appointment can’t be generated.


Sounds like a non partnered carrier and maybe you don’t even have a shipment made in the fba system?