Lost all buy boxes


I had buy boxes between 2-5% now not a single one. Any thoughts

Lost buy box on all items only we sell/manufacture

same here in my case on over 11,000 items in stock on Amazon ,Are no longer buy box eligible ,100% on time shipping ,All items with tracking ,All items used Amazon buy shipping


check your metrics.
you lose the buy box when your metrics have a hit.


We had the same thing happen. 80-85% buy box then down to 30 then zero, 60, 30…all part of some software event over the last week or two. We had zero hits to our metrics. Seems like it might be corrected now.


My mother always used to ask me “Where was the last place you remember having them?”


My business is 100% FBA and because of the delayed shipping by the fulfillment centers I can get the buy box. Anyone have an idea of when FBA will go back to normal on shipping times?


It seems like once Amazon announced the whole they will only accept essential products in FBA the buy box algorithm was changed, probably to help FBA sellers who cannot offer Prime shipping otherwise. For sellers like myself who are SFP, I find we are competing, and losing the buy box, with regular FBM sellers who not only don’t offer Prime but even have a 4-5 day handling time! I have tried without any success to get some sort of reply from Amazon that makes any sense but all they have provided me with is their same generic BS responses.


Looks like I got a negative review Canada Post delivery


Neither Amazon can solve this, I´m the manufacturer and only seller, besides all my SKU in FBA and Im not winning the buy box (AMAZON MX)


see if you can get it removed.I thought they were removing those now…unless the sale was made before all tihs.
That is what caused it if your volume is low.


It is not only FBA, it is shipping all over the world that is delayed.


my condolences


jokes aside, it happens randomly sometimes, not due to any specific metric. I lost mine for 5 days and all my metrcis were just fine. Wait it out a bit. It will teach you the value of the buy box. Good luck.


There was a specific recent change in buy box calculus. I’m not sure what it was. Same percentage change for me. Some speculation on the boards has been that you now have to purchase advertising through Amazon in order to win higher buy box percentages. I’m not sure what has changed. Also, I believe some of the buy box metrics are not accurate as when I went through my listings, it appeared that I had multiple buy box wins for a handful of my books, but my buy box metrics showed that I had 0% buy box wins at the time. I’d try manually going through your inventory items that you typically would have the buy box for and see how they come up as if you where a customer. If you pull up as they primary buy box for the item, it doesn’t really matter in my mind if your metrics show you don’t have they buy box. But there was a specific date where the metrics definitively changed and I have yet to see any explanation as to why and what. Good luck and I hope your metrics don’t reflect reality . . . that your products are actually still winning a 5% buy box share. If not, I really don’t think it is necessarily the kiss of death. As a customer, I’ve learned to save money by taking the extra five seconds to click two more times to get a better price. I think the economics of COVID-19 slow down may fundamentally change the way consumers spend. Amazon may find that consumers increasingly may be reticent to blindly click on a buy box when they can save 25-30% by searching a bit for a more competitive price. I think U.S. households in general may have been frightened quite a bit by this ongoing crisis and may be holding a bit more tightly to their money . . . maybe even be spending it a bit more wisely. In the short term, this will likely slow economic recovery, but in the long term . . . I can’t see frugal prudent spending being a bad thing . . . just different from what Amazon is used to for its business models. (It was the 24th of February when the metrics change was made for buy box win rate calculus . . . see below forum posting).

Lost all my buy buy boxes


Buy Box at 50% when we are the manufacturer and only seller?

Another related forum topic. This one I found particularly interesting, because you would think that a product manufacturer, who is the only seller of a given product line, would win all of the buy boxes for said product line in a logical system.

And this one:

Buy box dropping from 95% to 4%


Finally, Dogtamer’s usual pithy and eloquent address of the issue from another forum topic, basically stating, worth watching, but don’t freak out too much . . . [I keep two dictionaries and thesaurus handy so I can understand some of his posts :smile:, but I enjoy reading all of them whether I understand them or not!]



Mar 17


In regards to buy box, lucky for me, all of my products are MY products. I am the manufacturer so I don’t need to worry about that.

You are most welcome, my friend.

As I alluded above, we, too, are the manufacturer of almost every Offer that we regularly keep available through the Amazon Catalog; we, too, rarely really worry about Buy Box Percentage.

But we keep an close eye peeled on it, nonetheless, as it is a prime component of our quarterly sales-expectation calculations (and, I have good reason to suspect, in Amazon’s assignation of IPI score, its rather-vehement disclaimers to the contrary notwithstanding) - and the Buy Box Percentage volatility that we have observed on the Pricing Dashboard (link) (and in its attendant MWS API queries) since 24Feb`20 represents untrammeled ground in my experiences over at least the last ½-decade…"

Anyway, sorry, no real answers for you, but this is I think a good compilation of what is available on the forum to date.