Lost Ability to Post DVDs After Receiving Category Approval


I was approved to sell in the >$25 MSRP DVD category on September 30. I am a relatively high volume used media seller. On December 26, I received a message from Amazon stating:

Hello from Amazon.

Because you have previously provided invoices for certain DVDs, we are granting you permission to sell these ASINs.

Please be aware that this approval applies only to items that you were approved for based on provided invoices, and does not constitute approval to sell on other ASINs with MSRPs (List Prices) equal to or over $25. As a reminder, listing products that you are not approved to sell may result in immediate suspension or removal of your selling privileges. If you wish to sell other ASINs with MSRPs (List Prices) equal to or over $25, you must request approval through the application process for the ‘Video, DVD, & Blu-ray’ category and provide invoices for respective type of DVDs during this process. If the MSRP (List Price) of the product is less than $25, you are already approved to sell and no further action is needed.

Note: We are not currently accepting store receipts for review.

Customers trust they can always buy with confidence on Amazon.com, and this listing restriction is intended to help preserve that trust. Seller feedback is important to us. You can provide feedback by emailing dvd-seller-feedback@amazon.com.


Seller Performance Team

This is completely contradictory to what was stated when I gained my initial approval. I remember when this DVD restriction discussion first began, people’s fear was that DVD approval would be tied to each specific ASIN, which appears to be happening here. The general consensus and my interpretation of my initial approval is that I would be able to sell in the entirety of the >$25 MSRP DVD category. After reviewing my account and attempting to post within the DVD category, I am unable to post in even the


I would love to see some discussion on this as when the policy was announced it was never stated that approval is based on exact ASINs from invoices submitted, but on the category as a whole.


Wow, your thread does not forebode good tidings for the New Year for DVD sellers and is in fact very scary to read for other sellers that were approved.

Yours is the first thread or post that I have seen this mentioned, that you are only approved to sell the ASIN’s that you submitted invoices for?

This is very bad news to hear if this is going to be enforced in the future and now with your listings.

Very sorry and unhappy to hear about this.

I thought that approval was a general approval and not ASIN specific to invoices.



Actually, if Amazon did in fact put the restrictions in place for their stated reason of getting rid of counterfeits, requiring invoices for everything listed by those approved would be the only way to do it. If all a seller has to do is get 3 invoices for however many titles required by AZ to get blanket approval for all DVDs (except those under the “old” restrictions), nothing would stop a person from listing a bunch of counterfeits that they didn’t send invoices in for, after getting approved.


Yes, this does make sense but I think the issue is that this wasn’t spelled out very thoroughly in the DVD restriction emails and approval process.

After sellers went through the effort and expense to receive approval, only to find out after the fact, that it would only apply to those ASIN’s on those specific invoices is a let down and also now a fear that in listing those DVD’s, (as I have been doing this evening that were set as Inactive and Restricted), that I can also be one of the next sellers to receive an email like the OP received and have my selling privileges threatened and suspended.

I think most sellers try to stay within and work within the rules and guidelines, but it becomes hazy when those guidelines aren’t specifically spelled out before the fact instead of after the fact of receiving approval.

I am wondering if that was part of the issue of my Inactive DVD’s still showing Restricted for 6 days after I received approval.

So I wonder, if myself and other DVD sellers will be receiving a similar email from Seller Performance in the near future.



This is a nightmare for sellers who sell dvd’s. I, too, was approved back when they started. gating the dvd section. I did not receive an e-mail like this from amazon, but who knows, maybe it is in the works for all of us.

It looks like I will be selling fewer and fewer dvd’s in the coming year.

Thank you for the heads up.



> *After reviewing my account and attempting to post within the DVD category, I am unable to post in even the

> I have not seen any mention of this circumstance. Any recommendations on how to proceed would be appreciated.

So you are saying that after you received that email that you can’t list any DVD’s right now?

Even the ones under the $25.00 MSRP and even the ones that you submitted invoices for their approval?

You mention that your listings are still all showing as Active though. When you try to list DVD’s under $25.00 MSRP or your approved DVD’s from your invoices that you submitted do they show as Restricted and you can’t list them? Or do they go immediately to your Inactive Inventory and show as Restricted?

Your thread is depressing me and wrecking my New Year as well as yours. :frowning:

I have no idea how to proceed but to proceed with caution as I will until we can learn more about this new twist to the approval process and what is and what isn’t allowed.



I haven’t received such an email and I’m approved in DVDs. Not panicking quite yet.


You know me Marilyn, I panic at the drop of the hat with amazon issues.

I hope for the sake of all of us that this was an accidental e-mail to the OP. It just doesn’t make any sense.



I understand what you’re saying. Amazon hasn’t been straight with anybody about the restrictions since day one of announcing them, they did nothing but give out contradictory and/or flat-out wrong info the whole time.


It is definitely an unfortunate time for me to share. I have not been able to post anything within the DVD category after receiving that email. All of my DVDs have stayed active and are still selling. The fact that my live listings have not been pulled gives me some sort of hope that it is a glitch. Then again, I could just be the guinea pig for this implementation and they haven’t been able to work out all of the kinks yet.


We have sold over 20,000 media units this year(83% DVD) and not the first complaint about authenticity(98% positive feedback on 2,099 feedback this year). I have rigorous checks in place to avoid such issues. I have sold Warner Bros/HBO titles, but obviously only under the allowed listings. I have no special permissions in regards to listings from these studios.

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Question: have you had any issues with buyers complaining about authenticity of product(s)? Have you sold Warner Bros/HBO titles (which require separate permissions)?


Your listings are all live, and your fb is good. That’s why I wondered if you’d had any claims or complaints about fake or counterfeit items on the back end. Just trying to puzzle this out. You are the first report any one has heard of this anywhere, as far as I can tell from various groups I am in. At this point, all you can do is email seller-performance@amazon.com to try to figure out what is going on. If more sellers start reporting this, then it would basically mean Used Media sellers just went OOB. OTOH, at the moment, it seems specific to your account.

Only time will tell. Small comfort for you, I’m sure.


Not only used DVDs, but even new, sealed, older out of print titles also. No way to get legit invoices for titles that haven’t been manufactured in years.


Something must have triggered the email that you received from Seller Performance.

Just trying to figure out why they pin pointed you as a seller and sent you that email.

Also, that email states that you can list DVD’s that you were approved for in the approval process and also DVD’s under $25.00 MSRP but you mention that you can’t list either and are restricted from listing any DVD’s now.

This just doesn’t add up or make much sense at all.

I think I would take Marilyn’s advice and send a short, brief and concise email to Seller Performance asking for clarification and also the reasons that you can’t list DVD’s now that they mentioned that you should be able to list.

Their entire email to you is very confusing.



This is my approval letter from amazon from 10/13 for selling dvd’s $25 and over msrp. I a sure we all received the same wording. Nothing in the e-mail says you can only sell specific dvd’s from the invoices you sent in.

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

Thank you for your interest in selling on Amazon.com.

Thank you for your application to list DVDs with Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MMSRP of $25 or greater after November 17, 2014.

Congratulations, you have approved to sell these DVDs, so no further action is required to continue listing these items after November 17, 2014.

We have approved your application and you may continue to list these items after November 17, 2014. Amazon.com is continually striving to improve our seller’s platform and we truly appreciate your input.

Thank you for being a part of the Amazon.com seller community. If there is anything else we can do to make things easier for you, please let us know.


"Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

Thank you for your application to list DVDs with Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) of $25 or greater after November 17, 2014. We have approved your application and you may continue to list these items after November 17, 2014.

I wish all the best on your online business! Have a great day!"


If I were you, I would delete all active and inactive Warner bros and HBO dvd listings. Those movie studios are cracking down on 3p sellers. It is not worth it to lose your entire account over trying to sell certain dvd’s. Go through your inactive dvd listings. Delete any dvd’s that have the yellow blocked circle next to the asin.



I agree Gail. There needs to be clarification from amazon.