Lost A-Z Claim - Buyer said the item isn't as described, but its exactly as described


Customer received the item and upon delivery stated there was some damage. Ok no problem we can get replacement parts and we will come and fix it. He refused new parts and demanded a refund. (he realized he didn’t like what he purchased and tried to get a refund). The item isn’t eligible for a return because its been used. (furniture)

Few days later he files a A-Z Claim. Stated other things that he never mentioned to us. Like the item isn’t as described or poor craftsmanship. (our products have warranties, if something is wrong we always correct it)

I responded saying that it isn’t true and all the problems can be fixed. Amazon denied my appeal, saying that I failed to respond on Jan 6 and 9th. (my deadline was the 14th)

I am shocked that this is happening. We have sold hundreds of this identical product with no problems.

Is this just the way amazon works? talked to one of my managers and he said that amazon screws over the seller just to favor their customers. He said to not waste my time and just to go pick up the sectional and that its a loss.

How do I win this? I am getting screwed over and that is not ok. Can I take the customer or amazon to small claims court? (I know not the best solution… but honestly would rather do that than know someone pulled one over on me)

“Why was my appeal denied?
You are responsible for the claim because we did not receive the specific information we requested on 6 Jan 2020 and 9 Jan 2020. When a buyer files a claim on one of your orders, we send an email to let you know about the claim and how to respond.”


I do not think you ever get more than 3 days to respond to an A2Z.

Where in Amazon’s return policy does it state that furniture cannot be returned?


Here is your problem.

Your own policy is not allowed to be more restrictive than Amazon policy.

Refuse to authorize a return which meets Amazon’s return policy and you lose the A-Z claim.

Time to do some reading in the seller help pages on returns and restocking fees,


The policy permits an up to 50% restocking fee for product not in its original condition. But that assumes no seller fault.


As the customer notified you of damage upon delivery then the item was never used at that point . So you didn’t even honor your own return policy .
Return should have been authorized at that point and you wouldn’t have lost your money thru a-z.


“So you didn’t even honor your own return policy .”

My return policy is unopened, new items are eligible for return. This item was completely assembled. (so it was opened). He stated the item had damaged, so we ordered a new part to replace the damaged piece. I offered a return at that time with a restocking fee. Customer never responded.

An item having damage does not mean they can just outright return it. We have a process.

Lessoned learned. I know what to do moving forward.

How do I get our restocking fee out of the customer if amazon has fully refunded the purchase?


If amazon has already refunded them it’s over.
You have little to no recourse at this point.


You can’t as you are not entitled to a restocking fee in this case. Item was damaged upon delivery so this is 100% on the seller.

You really need to familiarize yourself with Amazons policies.


As this was concealed damage that is no fault of the buyer . Restocking fee does not apply in this case . There is no way a buyer would know there is a problem until they open the box and possibly assemble the item .


Yes it does. This is Amazon, not your own site. They can return it for any reason they want. They can assemble it, let their wet dog sleep and pee on it, and then return it if it is within 30 days.


Because Amazon.


So your assembler opened the box and assemble it . So you think this is the buyers fault and they should have to pay a restocking fee ?


Maybe he has read Amazon’s return policy .


Then why did you agree to it when you started selling on Amazon or did you not read the service agreement before clicking the I Agree button?


Sorry but I don’t make the rules . I try to follow them and make money . That means if I have to take an item back and sell it at a discount at least then it’s not a total loss .


You must be new here. After you’ve been here a while your hundreds will turn into thousands lost. It gets worse every year.

I don’t think Amazon policy allows for on-site repairs for products. Service providers, as part of an installation or on-site assembly job, may be different.


Your manager is wise. Amazon’s customers get free products and furniture, so they come back for more freebies at our expense.

Hopefully you can be profitable selling in the Amazon marketplace. Unfortunately I fear you will absorb many losses from buyer fraud. You will have to grow very thick skin and jack up your prices to offset the losses Amazon will force you to absorb.


Thanks for your helpful, kind response.

Much appreciated.


You can file a police report and they may investigate. Often you need to file locally, and they will follow-up with the buyer’s police department.

Who delivered the sectional? Will they cover the buyer’s damage claim and/or do they have a department that investigates fraud? A lot of times on delivery of big items the recipient must sign paperwork proving not only receipt of goods but that those goods have been received in good condition. Does the shipper have such a document you could get a copy of and supply to Amazon or the buyer. I’m admittedly reaching for straws here to help in the future.

Amazon only gives so much time to respond to A-Z claims, and if that time passes they will not revisit the case again.


Wow, that really sux. You provided the product and great service - losing both the product and your time. I feel bad, but this marketplace is full of fraudster buyers.

I didn’t see anyone post the link to A-Z claim info page. It’s at: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/help.html?itemID=27951 in case you want to review it. The time limitation is quoted below.

If a claim is filed and we find that you have not responded to the customer’s contact within 72 hours, we will grant the claim and debit the amount from your account.


This is unfortunately how Amazon works. It seems like their urge to screw over their own sellers is becoming more prominent.