Looking into MCF - some questions on procedures


I’m looking into Amazon for MCF to get out of fulfillment of my own product. For various reasons I don’t want to do FBA, just MCF for sales that happen on my own website. I have some questions for those who are using MCF, some of which I think i know the answers to, but just in case:

  1. It sounds like all MCF shipments are done in Amazon branded shipping boxes, there is no unbranded shipping box option. Is this correct?

  2. When you ship product to Amazon do they have you ship to one warehouse or do they require that the order get split up and shipped to multiple warehouses?

  3. I want to be realistic in what I post on our website about shipping options. Amazon uses Standard (3-5 day), Expedited (2-3 day) and Priority (1 day) as the shipping times. Are these realistic times or is it really 5-10 days; 3-5 days; 2-3 days as I’ve read on other comments?

  4. I only want to do MCF, not FBA. I saw a comment that said you cannot do this unless you have a professional account (and pay the $40/month), but you can leave it as a non-professional account and just set the “available” date on FBA as sometime way in the future so people cannot buy it through Amazon. Is that accurate, and if so, does the item show up with an “out-of-stock” message on Amazon or does it not show up at all – I would prefer it not appear at all on Amazon?

Thanks for any advice.



No requirement, but I’ve found the larger quantity you send in, the more likely it will all go to the same warehouse.

I’ve had pretty good success with what Amazon states, but I put 4-7 for Standard to be safe. You may not always get a tracking number right away due to Amazon moving the items around before actually getting them to a carrier. I’ve come across problems when customers order multiples and I don’t have a ton of quantity available. Upgrading to Priority seems to help in that situation.

I’ve always been a professional account, so I’m not sure how non-professional works. I think the date would work or you can close the listing and that item will move to your inactive list. Once I tried just raising the price really high and it still sold, so I stopped doing that. Maybe I should do that with everything. :grinning: Hope this helps.


they used to allow this, now they do not. your product must be active on Amazon. MCF is really only good if you plan on selling on Amazon too.


Try Deliverr Walmart is promoting this for 2 day delivery. Boxes are simple brown boxes.


They still allow it. There are instruction in seller help on how to do it. The product must be active but the start selling date can be in the future so it can’t be purchased.




They may allow this workaround for now, but I wouldn’t count on this long term.


I wouldn’t call it a workaround if this is how Amazon tells you to do it in the seller help files.


I would. All I’m saying is if you don’t plan on selling it on Amazon, there are other fulfillment options.


I understand there are other options. But I haven’t yet found one that is as cost effective taking into account the storage fees and per-unit fee.

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