Little to no sales


None now, sold like 10 around january.


yes, its more cost effective to take the fee $$ invest in getting traffic and building a customer database, then do some email marketing.


It’s called “Sessions” its views, same thing.


I noticed that my sessions are down and sales are down. I do have “Made in the USA” in my title. I removed it to see if you’re right, but I still don’t see anywhere in the guidelines that say it will be suppressed if we use it.


You would be able to see if anything is suppressed in the Manage Inventory section of your account.

“Made in the USA” is no different than advertising in the title and does not have anything to do with the item being offered. Maybe showing it in the bullet points and/or description is the way to go.


Promotional information may not be included in the Product Title.


This is so important. Nobody reads descriptions anymore, they only look at the picture. Especially for low cost items like yours. This means 2 things for you. 1) You need more clear and crisp images. Based on your image alone, I would pass. 2) You need to put information directly into the image. Put a “Proudly made in America” badge in your image with an American Flag. Portray the NFC blocking capabilities in a secondary image. You have a story, and you need to sell it in your images.


Do Advertising
Add more images.
Lower your price
Create a deal
Create a 2 pack if possible


Thanks! My product is relatively seasonal so it could just be coincidence. but if not, hopefully this change worked.


Indeed; acknowledgement that such a paradigm is increasingly-prevalent in Western Society may well have been a primary impetus in Amazon’s recent “experiment” of removing Product Descriptions for (purportedly, if SeSu is to be believed) for as much as 50% of the US Catalog…

This is problematic, as it is strictly against Amazon’s published policies for Main Images (the fact that so many 3P Sellers ignore that proscription does not guarantee that the Image-compliance Amabot won’t suppress an offer that violates it, unless the seller is based off-shore in certain East and Southwest Asian nations).

Best Practice is to place such a badge directly - and as prominently as possible - directly upon the product itself, so as to not run afoul of Amazon’s published policy.


Looks like another case of orders being hung up today.


I’m late to the game on this thread. Are you saying that people may not be seeing any of my detailed description, where I discuss all the various brands/models that my product is compatible with?


Precisely so. AFAIK, our friend abescotti was the first member of our Seller Community to notice this, in the thread he created 5Jun19 linked below, but I’ve seen quite a few others on the same topic since then, and many mentions that SeSu responded to 3P Seller inquiries in the same way that they did to @dan1487 in abe’s thread:

The threads linked at the bottom of Dan’s post contain instances of SeSu telling others the same.

Our friend @JessiChaotic recently opined that such a split-testing initiative could have played a role in the widely-reported problems with the Seller Central Dashboard’s Payments Summary and Sales Summary widgets over the last two weeks, and with the apparently still-ongoing issues with Orders either not appearing, or lingering in the limbo of 'pending" abnormally that have been a hot topic of discussion (so warm, in fact, that @SEAmod weighed in) - and I suspect she may be on to something.


Yikes. That’s just absurd. They don’t want me putting all the things my product is compatible with in the title (and indeed I won’t be able to soon anyway with the 50 character title limit) and then they want to remove the ability for customers to see the details where I list the brands and models my product can be used with? That’s a not-so-subtle way of saying they just don’t want me selling at all. People are just going to buy based off the photo? :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the links. I’ve just caught up on the discussion and will keep an eye on it.


You are most welcome, my friend.

If Amazon really did volitionally undertake this “experiment” in pursuit of garnering actionable data via split-testing (I’m not yet convinced that such volition was actually in play, nor that this was a actual goal if it was), I can see why they might have considered it worthwhile - the notion that humankind is far more attuned to things of a visual nature than to actually reading for comprehension has been quite the feted calf in Academia since Sputnik spawned the knee-jerk reaction of New Math.


From a scientific standpoint, I get it. But then I assume they’re going to let me put all my product details embedded in my main image? Yeah, I don’t see that happening. :grin:


check your canceled orders, Holy Crap i have 100’s of them which were canceled by amazon, wow


PLEASE tell me that you have your tongue firmly planted in your cheek with that post, my friend, and that you haven’t discovered yet another Amaglitch representing Amazon’s typical ham-handed approach to resolving unintended consequences.


your post makes no sense, canceled orders are ones amazon cancels due to scammers, non payments and others, and no, your not my friend


I also would start here. TBH, the whole page looks like it was designed by an 8th computer class :confused: If you want this to be really successful, you might need to hire 3rd parties to help with page design and design. Then personally I would lose on it just to get the reviews and traffic going. Once that is done then you get back up to $20.

I also agree that you should get this tested by a 3rd party so you can post the results to help sell the product.

How much does it cost Nike to make a $200 pair of shoes?