ListInventorySupply ResponseGroup to Detailed not working


Please help me in trying to use ListInventorySupplyRequest filling the ResponseGroup to Detailed but the response is not complete, lacking of SupplyDetail section which I need the Quantity to be used for inventory purposes. I am using C# language. Please see below sample response.


        ListInventorySupplyRequest request = new ListInventorySupplyRequest();
        string sellerId = "...";
        request.SellerId = sellerId;
        string mwsAuthToken = "...";
        request.MWSAuthToken = mwsAuthToken;
        string marketplace = "...";
        request.Marketplace = marketplace;
        string marketplaceId = "...";
        request.MarketplaceId = marketplaceId;

        SellerSkuList sellerSkus = new SellerSkuList();
        request.SellerSkus = sellerSkus;

        string responseGroup = "Detailed";
        request.ResponseGroup = responseGroup;

        var response = this.client.ListInventorySupply(request);


Looking forward for your help. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


I would try to make the same request on scratchpad to see if this is a bug with you code or if Amazon is having issues. If you haven’t used scratchpad before it is a web interface for making production calls against MWS.


Hello. Yeah! I tried it in scratchpad.

it just says fill Detailed on ResponseGroup but still having issue, I wanted to use this Operation because its straight forward but no luck. Hoping for your help. Thank you :slight_smile:


I would try the Basic and also not filling anything in to see if the response changes. If you are still having issues after that I would then open a support ticket with Amazon.