ListInventorySupply Not Showing Inbound Counts Anymore?


For the past couple weeks (possibly months), the ListInventorySupply call in the Fulfillment Inventory API has not been returning inbound shipment quantities. This used to function correctly and show inbound item counts for FBA inbound packages marked as shipped.

I just tried making the call with the scratchpad and it is not returning inbound quantity either. The SKU I tested has a couple different shipments inbound from different days that correctly appear as inbound on Seller Central. The “in stock” and “transfer” quantities returned by the API call seem to match up to the Seller Central information.

We need to be able to see the inbound counts to make restocking decisions.

If anyone at Amazon is able to check into this, the scratchpad request ID was: 404b93e9-c973-4c0b-8a77-b5d86827ee9d


This is still happening.

Inbound data not showing up.


Ultimately, nothing from Amazon.
We had to create our own workaround with the reports.