Listings being removed for Potential Trademark Misuse


Has anyone else noticed this?

I just noticed that about 200 of my listings have been removed because of a word in the title.

Some of them are generic words like FOREVER, Legendary, Infinity, Theory, Hunter.

Those are just some.

I contacted seller support and they said that I need to add the word “For” or “compatible” in the title to get them reinstated.

Can they do this?


Can Amazon do this? Of course. They just did it to you.

If your title reads FOREVER blue widget it implies your widget is made by FOREVER.

But if it reads Blue widget compatible with FOREVER thingamajig that doesn’t sound like it is made by FOREVER.

Subtle distinction, but very important or you’ll forever be banned!


Amazon can do what they want to do until a court of law tells them otherwise.


It’s just crazy that generic words can be flagged.

For example if it was clothing. If the title had “FOREVER 21” then I can see it being flagged.

But the title has the for word “FOREVER” and it was flagged.

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