Listings Attacked with Multiple Fake Infringement Complaints


Fake infringement complaints are nothing new around here, but what’s crazy is that once you resolve them, you would think Amazon would block the bad actor from continuing to file fake infringement complaints. NOPE! This should be a warning to all Amazon sellers that Amazon does little to protect you sellers from fraudulent, fake infringement complaints.

I first received the fake infringement complaint on March 15. Shortly after I reached out to the owner of the IP, and they confirmed that does not represent them. It took me 2 weeks, even with proof and contact from the legitimate right’s owner to get my listing restored. Then 3 days later, files another fake infringement complaint and Amazon accepts the complaint and takes down my listing again!! How is it that Amazon’s Notice Dispute doesn’t blacklist these bad actors and allow them to continue to make fake, fraudulent IP complaints!

The fake complainant doesn’t even have to list a valid trademark or patent number for Amazon to accept the complaint! See attachment the registration listing in the complaint doesn’t even need a valid number for Amazon to accept the complaint from the bad actor.

I hope sellers take notice and think twice about making the Amazon platform their main revenue source. Amazon does not lookout for their sellers against such bad actors. At the minimum, they should be checking to see if the trademark or patent registration is legitimate.

I hope @Cecilia_Amazon_old, @Cassie_Amazon_old, @Katie_Amazon_old will take this up to the relevant departments because Notice Dispute is not doing anything about these fraudulent IP complaints.

Policy Warning by fake rights owner

Hello @disneylover0,

Pax from Amazon here.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We shall inform the appropriate parties of the situation and have them look into this. We may not inform you of the results, but please be assured that we will get to the bottom of it. Please be patient with us.



I appreciate your reply. I hope you make your superiors along with who ever is in charge at Notice Dispute aware to not accept further complaints from fake parties such as

Obviously, I’m not the only party who has been harmed by brandprotection. I’ve been dealing with fake complaints selling on Amazon. Over the years, it obvious Amazon has done little to address such complaints from such bad actors.


Its sad as an IP owner myself it is next to impossible to turn people in for infringement. 100% of the information must match the information on the USPTO down to the submitting person and the owners email address even to be submitted. Amazon has started a patent infringement arbitration to sort out patent infringements from the patent owners on small businesses. These cases Amazon reaches out and gives contact information of the patent owner and asks for the listing party to contact the owner.

Yet if the patent is owned by a huge company an unauthorized 3rd party (competitor) can turn you in and even after the owner says it was unauthorized they will not remove the complaint. Now I have proved my products do not infringe and I am awaiting my 9th turn down.


March 15th first fake patent infringement and March 27th was the second one sent to us

Bogus Copyright Complaint Received Multiple Times from a Chinese Company

Same thing happened to us. Got taken down, complaint forgiven, then suspended after amazon said it was an error for the same listing with fake copyright number.


Fake copyrights are simple to reverse!!!


We tried this doesnt work. Just got an auto response.


I want to update everyone that Amazon continues to accept fraudulent infringement complaints.

I received another Infringement complaint today, but this time, Amazon didn’t even sent me any Performance Notification or email. Called Seller Support and spoke to a Captive team member, and they couldn’t give me any details.

Email Notice Dispute, just another stupid template email and ignoring my request for the complainant info or the trademark or patent number they they accuse me of violating. How can I even appeal if I don’t even have this basic info!

Notice Dispute is out of control and the cess pool of Amazon!!! Just ridiculous of Amazon that there is no accountability of the Notice Dispute team. Something needs to be done about this…


I have a same problem. I’ve asked for copy of the complain they refused to give it to me. They actually told me that it may have been one of the Amazon staffers who’d do the complaint which is, why on earth?! In any case I tried to appeal three times. Same response is coming back over and over. Given the fact that I have to pay bills for my business and amazon holding funds, I am in broke condition and Amazon doesn’t care.


We went through the same thing this week. It’s frustrating and emotionally and financially draining. We have this German company attack us every 3 months. They keep using different Patents to take us down lol They can’t even decide what else to use as we are Trademarked, Copyrighted and Patented. I get a every time they decide to file a fake notice. It got to the point that I send a letter to Amazon Legal and Jeff explaining how can they be accepting this false notices of infringement over and over again when we have proven over and over again that they are false and misleading. Then they decided to do a Patent Neutral Evaluation. I agreed with it. Still waiting on them to do their part and meanwhile they submit ANOTHER infringement notice through notice-dispute while in arbitration with me and my listing gets taken down. REALLY!


What Amazon should be doing is shutting down sellers or vendors who choose to abuse the notice-dispute system. Selling on or via Amazon is a privilege and not a right. If I decided to incessantly file fake or purely speculatively complaints, I would hardly have grounds to complain if Amazon decided to destock my products or close my seller and/or vendor accounts. Amazon have got this wrong and need to up their game. Abusers quite rightly should face consequences.


What I don’t understand is why are sellers not being more litigious. These competitors can be sued for these actions, and their assets, such as inventory can be seized through court order, to cover awarded damages. Lawyers get really itchy fingers when it comes to finding assets.


How can you sue someone when you don’t know who is the person behind the website? Take, the bad actor filing fake IP complaints. They keep filing, their website doesn’t ever work anymore, yet Amazon continues to accept claims from them…???

The real solution is Amazon needs to do better vetting of the claims before accepting them!!!


I have to be honest and say we were asking our lawyers the same thing. The answer is yes. Also that would be a way to find the owner of the website.

As soon as the lawsuit is filed you would then have go-daddy sent a subpoena for the owner information. If the actual web address ( was worth a bit more, I would have filed.

I say that because if the person is fake or out of the country you can sue for ownership of address. Meaning they have something of value that they could not hide from you, no matter their location. You may find the owner to be someone in the states and then it would make everything way easier.

We have to exchange information because I would split costs with you. That is if the two of our loses wouldn’t entice them to do more on contingency. It definitely wouldn’t hurt us in this case and would at minimum soften the attorney costs.


The issue is they can not tie these false claims to a seller. They are not filed directly through any seller, nor do they even claim to be.

They are complaints filed as the Intellectual Property owners (falsely of course) or an authorized 3rd party (fake 3rd party brand protection companies).

Of course it is directly driven or paid for by one of our competitors on Amazon. It can be only a few very select sellers that are constantly doing it but to prove it would be difficult.


I have a same problem,Fake infringement complaints from domain ,, I am in broke condition and Amazon doesn’t care. the domain Not from any law firm,Not the right owner。
My competitors are still selling normally, Complaint comes from a competitor


Did you get this resolved? I just got removed from etsy by and then a on christmas eve 8 stores came up selling my artwork that i was shut down for this is clearly a scam please advise on what you did I could use any help possible


what were you selling that got me for a trademark for the word harry potter but then the 8 stores that poped up have the artwork listing that they trademarked me for

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