Listing your products in the correct condition


Why does Amazon warehouse stick my product with an asin code that does not match the original product? This directly led to a complaint from the customer directly after my product was sold, saying that my product did not match the page. Now the defect rate is very high, and the sale has stopped. All of this is the fault of the Amazon warehouse, but I opened the case, I Explain the situation to the customer service, ask to solve the problem or apply for compensation, but the customer service says that without such a rule, the customer service feels irresponsible, and the warehouse randomly affixes the wrong asin code to the product, but does not have to be responsible. I am very disappointed! ! !


That’s actually OK with me… I have no issue if Amazon doesn’t want to open packages BUT if that’s the case then they need to not put it back on the self in sellable condition. It needs to get sent back to me so I can inspect the seals and determine if it’s been opened and if it’s been opened then I need to test it before it’s get resold as used.

FBA for diamond rings seems like a really bad idea for Amazon. Seems like you’d want to have jewelers who are familiar with exactly what was sold inspecting returns.


It’s OK.


I had a very interesting complaint a few days ago. What’s more interesting is that Amazon even supports this kind of behavior.Most sellers encounter complaints that the goods are second-hand because the condition of the released products is different from that of the buyers, which will lead to complaints.I clearly indicated that the status of the product is “USED”, and then I chose “USED” in the way of selecting the status of the product, the consumer takes a product that is itself a second-hand product and reports that it is not a new product, and amazon actually agrees with the consumer.It’s funny, like when you buy a used car and someone else shows you the car, and you buy it and then complain that they didn’t give you a new car.


Below is a link to a thread about FBA returns (and a few other things) from 5 years ago. We have been trying to get this option for a very long time. It would be a huge benefit to sellers and to buyers; I don’t know why Amazon still hasn’t given us the option.


Imagine listing your product as NEW; buyer buys said product, replaces their own used product with the new product, and returns the new product and files a complaint as USED product sold as new, and without justification OR verification, Amazon disables my product. Really making me feel “Delighted” as a seller :wink:


Stop buying on Amazon and support your local family owned business.

point taken …

but that in no way helps the sellers that are posting here with valid complaints


I completely agree. Customer receives damaged product direct from our shipping warehouse, which occurred in transit, and they mark the item as used sold as new. This has caused our listings to be taken down several times from a single customer. Often our negative customer experience rating is 0.2% and a product that sells hundreds of units per day is removed. This system is broken, period.


The Amazon return system is flawed.

I sell cabinet hardware, I have sold over 100,000 pieces in the last year. I have had 5 complaints of “used sold as new”. Now 5 complaints is a lot but not when you divide it into 100k items shipped.

And It is never the customer that orders Multiple quantities, its always the customer that orders only 1qty for a sample and decides that they don’t like it and want to return it without having to pay shipping back.


I was but they were rude I do not like the Hardware store that carries it. Plus, Amazon actually does more for me than the hardware store. lol. I like to support sellers on here.


Yes, they do this every time. Plus, Amazon as of the past month automatically accept and generate paid shipping labels for customers who have the “correct” return reason code.

Then they tell you…Well, you don’t have to refund them their money if the product comes in used or different than sold. BS…All they have to do is put in an A to Z claim and although this is supposed to help us sellers, Amazon will pay the claim and take the money from our reserves. All on our behalf to ensure customer service.

Basically FBA rules without the FBA benefits.


Yes, yes, yes! I sell a product in the Personal Care category and it worries me that my returned & used products get sent back out. I wish there was a way to opt out!


For sellers using FBA, these responsibilities rest with the Amazon warehouse center, not the seller. We have received many negative reviews because the warehouse center mistakenly classified products damaged by previous buyers as saleable.


This is worth repeating, and, is a colossal mistake being made by Amazon for not implementing this. Even worse, not even acknowledging or commenting on such proposed policy.

Moderators, we know that you read these boards. Please explain to us why this policy has not been implemented or even acknowledged for discussion.



We’re a seller and brand owner offering our products in different marketplaces. Therefore, we upload the product images with text in the language that matches each marketplace (USA - English, Japan - Japanese, etc.). However, Amazon shows this images in the incorrect marketplace (since the products have same EAN code) and when trying to open a case to fix it the only answer we get is “you are the brand owner, you can update the product images through seller central upload”… we did that, but they keep showing the wrong images that match a different marketplace, with the wrong text/language.

Anyone else having this issue? How can this be fixed?

Thank you!