Listing your products in the correct condition


Over half of my sales are books. I only do Seller Fulfilled orders and I ensure that I have pictures of any products that are “Used” and put an accurate description; with a disclaimer based on Amazon condition guidelines. I sometimes have customers send me a message complaining about a missing dust jacket, annotations/highlighting/writing, or other flaws with a book. 99% of the time, the issue they are complaining about is clearly listed in the item condition description; I simply point that out to them and never hear from them again. It is the customers responsibility to read the item condition description and view any pictures provided by the seller. The same goes for eBay (80% of my total sales are via eBay).


There should be more protections in place for sellers against buyers who abuse this reason for return. There are entire forums (Facebook groups and Subreddits) dedicated to illegal practices on how to obtain stuff from buyers on Amazon for free by abusing loopholes like this. THOUSANDS of people are members of these forums and exploiting honest sellers, endangering their honest businesses.


Amazon should also take into consideration that often times customers will submit a “Used Sold as New” or any other type of complaint when they do not want to return an item or when they think they will get the product for free, as Amazon has accustomed them to. This happens all the time and Amazon does not want to take this into consideration.

Some customers want to cheat the system and are always looking for new ways to do so. Especially when Amazon allows them to so without repercussions.

I am sure this notice is being placed here because there has been an influx of this type of complaints. With so many online articles and blogs on how to cheat Amazon, customers are getting bolder every day. They will report sellers only because they believe they deserve to get free products and because they do not understand that it is sellers like us, not Amazon taking the big loss dealing with their fraudulent complaints.

Look through the internet and you will see what I am referring to here. Hundreds upon hundreds of articles encouraging customers to steal from us, and they do it because they believe they are stealing from Amazon the big bad wolf with bad press and not from us sellers.


I will add that it is not just a problem of what casues flagging for a asin block/poa request, it is also the POA review system as a problem
You can make substantive changes in quality control, but still get POA’s denied. This shouldn’t a be system where the Amazon reviewer looks for some technical POA issue to reject the POA.
A bit too wordy? Denied
A bit too short? Denied
Don’t seem contrite enough? Denied
Invoice from the manufacturer doesn’t have everything Amazon wants (even if you provide it as supplemental information) - Denied
Didn’t write with certainty on what the root cause is? -Denied
The current system really makes it hard for sellers that already have good processes in place and it is a statistical anomaly. I guess the “deep dive” just needs to be deeper.

It seems like a system designed to scare and harass sellers rather than actually fix problems.
As a professional with 30 years experience, this process is infuriating.


Amazon needs to offer listing options other than “new” without having to get approved! There is nothing wrong with listing items in “collectible” condition. This also allows seller to describe issue and it allows the buyer to make there own choice.


That statement isn’t even remotely true.


There’s another really good marketplace for selling discontinued stuff. I think Amazon’s insistence on recent invoices is pushing sellers of collectibles to that other place.


Would just be nice if amazon followed their own guidelines. I purchased “new” text books when my son was in college. I Never once received a book without dings, bumped corners, scratched covers, etc. And they would replace it with another in same banged up condition, just once. Then it was take it or return it and do without.
Since amazon did away with individually wrapping items years ago I’ve never received an item in brand new condition. They coined the term ‘shelf condition’.
As a seller I photograph each item, new or used, several times during processing for proof if needed down the road. But I’m a small and independent seller.


Customers don’t always read or get an item confused with another item. I just dealt with a customer that bought one 5 ounce package for $7.75 (free shipping). Under the item is ‘you may also like 12 packages for $35’. So, my customer gave a 1 feedback and the item not as described doing because he only got 1 and he is waiting for the other 11. I also am dealing with another condition complaint because a customer said her 2 3/4 " item was only a little under 3 inches and it should have been more than 2 feet larger. So, when customers don’t read, we sellers still get the dings and negative feedbacks and probably a closed product. These people could also be other sellers buying. Buyers have too much power.


Yep, same thing happened to us. Item clearly damaged in shipping, but customer marked “defective” as reason for return. How is a custom wall sign defective? Had to appeal THREE TIMES to get product back online.


We really should not have to stress out about getting suspended over customers negligence. I love my customers I really do but you cannot please every single person. Not to mention things getting damaged in shipping. AMAZON has this issue as well. I get bird seed from Amazon and when the package gets here there is seed all over the place. haha. I dont even know how it makes it this far.


I have been told directly by FBA (multiple times in cases) that they are not allowed to open the jewelry box to see if the item is there and in sellable condition. After I pointed out that the FBA agreement states that FBA will inspect returns to determine if the return is in policy and due a refund, and before determining it’s inventory status.

One poor seller found out a person returned a rock instead of a diamond engagement ring only when the next buyer complained that this was not the rock ordered. The person who returned the rock even made sure the rock was the same weight as the ring.


What an absolutely tone deaf announcement.

I have 9 return requests right now. I authorized all of them. Two actually bothered sending the item back (opened, unsaleable, 50% restocking fee, no complaints) - one got a returnless 50% after I learned to stop wasting my time.

Three were very clearly fraudulent - all three received replies indicating we knew what they were up to, usually with some photos of their order being packaged, weigh out at the UPS hub, etc. Two customers opened A-to-Z’s. I expect Amazon to get around to them in a month? Probably seller faulted/funded too.

Another that didn’t even bother contacting us or opening a return request went straight to a chargeback. The lovely representative (that signs their e-mails without capitalizing any part of their name) handling that chargeback sent me the e-mail intended for the buyer. The one asking them to update their payment information, with my e-mail address from the reply to the initial chargeback notification completely uncensored.

Reign in your serial return abusers/fraudsters and sort out your fulfillment centers (and give them proper PPE!) before you start preaching to us about using the right listing conditions. Give us some protection from the human garbage that mails back carefully weighed out bottles of water or opens fraudulent INRs. Give us a reason to feel like we don’t need a video camera pointed at a customer’s order from the moment the item is in my hands until their box is sealed with an address label on it.



Our product was able to be relisted right after the listing was removed. However, they won’t remove the 1 that appears next to complaints.


do you sell arrows?

and is your real name Oklahoma?

ahhhh girrrl, you in trouble now



The way it’s going, surely everyone will just list as Used. Problem solved for sellers?

Originally 3P sellers could only list as used on Amazon.


This is clearly another half-baked policy without any serious thought.

Say I list a brand spanking new Nintendo GameCube controller for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (wow, that’s a mouthful). I have in the past, anywhere from $50 to $120. Anybody looking for a new GC controller would just get a Smash Ultimate one from Japan for like $30. These are all collectors after them in new/unopened condition. All it would take is one “authenticity” or “used sold as new” claim to shut me down, and my only defense would be a non-existent invoice dated within the last 365 days. For an item that was last manufactured well over 5 years ago.

It’s asinine.


LOL, I don’t sell arrows, but if i did, amazon would lock up the listing and give me a used sold as new compliant for selling them “broken”.


I just had an item last night were I put something in the seller notes asking the buyer to contact me to confirm they were aware it was used. They didn’t reply. So I messaged them asking them to confirm. They said they weren’t aware it was used and asked to cancel the order. At least I wasn’t out the time and the shipping for something they were going to return.


Even I don’t know who claimed my product used sold as new, my asin goes off after that. I sent a message including all the documents required to fix it but useless. In their reply, it seems very difficult because I have to provide much more information to fix it. I’m afraid of losing the confidence to communicate with Amazon on this subject. It is quite a lot waste of time doing this. Because I know all my products are from my provider. It is quite unreasonable to get thousands of used product.
Maybe I will not sell it anymore.