Listing your products in the correct condition


We got a return request today and a complaint from the buyer that she ordered a NEW item and we sent a used one…she was furious. The great part is her order clearly showed “Condition : USED -Good with moderate wear from use & store price sticker on back cover”. The best part was she ordered an out of print album that is 45 years old.
…gotta love people :slight_smile:


Amazon has decided to care only the customer not the seller. We have had 3 of our 4 best sellers de-activated by this new/used dichotomy which a customer just callously clicks on without thinking. In one of our cases, the customer realized they made a mistake, retracted their review and amazon still refused to turn the product back on. Time to move on to Walmart, Target and other more seller friendlier and fairer platforms.


No, I was referring to bobbleheads. Read my original post #2.


Typo I meant #3.


I’ve been selling on here for almost 10 years and about 1/5 of the returns are still pretty much “used, sold as used”. Seriously - can’t Amazon make it clearer to the buyer that the item in question is not new? I just had to refund a $280 order because the buyer didn’t notice the 4 headsets they bought were " used - good", with a note mentioning they were cleaned and tested.


Yes, most of our NCX complaints (accessory missing etc.) are coming from FBA putting the returns back into inventory as ‘New’ while the products are obviously opened. Really wish there was a way to make all returned inventory sent back to the seller.


I agree with everyone I am dealing with this myself the item was new, shipped new and the customer said there was a stain on it. POA rejected after 4 times and it was shipped NEW! It was damaged and packaged properly. They need to revamp the system and think outside the box that this does happen and we cannot control it. I think they are loosing good sellers because of this.


At my previous company, we transitioned from FBA to SFP because of how Amazon handles returns:

  • Amazon routinely approves returns that are extremely out of policy Amazon does not even ask the customer if the item is in the same condition as when it was received (i.e. not used or abused), even though the Amazon return policy explicitly states that used items cannot be returned
  • FBA put all returns back into inventory without inspection - never opening clearly opened boxes
  • When fraud happens, it is the buyer who gets the “returned” item fulfilled by Amazon who first gives you an indication something is wrong, not FBA

We found that if we combined the returns savings from being able to inspect the items with the postage costs of SFP, that it cost us far less than FBA (even though Amazon still approved returns). It was also less stressful as we didn’t have to open cases as often. Plus by merely asking the buyer if the item was unused as required by Amazon policy, many return requests stopped actually getting returned.

I do think what Amazon wrote is really good advice for Amazon/FBA. I doubt I will ever use FBA again because of the sheer stress of trying to get Amazon to follow its own policies. Like many of us, I already exceed Amazon standards. I’ve never had a “used not new” complaint other than items fulfilled through FBA. While we did very well with SFP, I do not want to ever give Amazon control over my business again. My customers are happier, even if they are fewer, and without changing pricing my profit has gone up.


That is all fine and well, but there are some important factors left out, that would be very helpful if addressed.

1. When Amazon buyers use the return reason Used Sold As New, often it is so instead of returning the new item they received, They can return their used item and get a full reimbursement.

2. As a buyer from Amazon itself for my business (not 3rd party FBA) 20% of the purchases have to be returned because they are shipped poorly packed, damaged, missing parts, or repackaged.

3. While the 5 points are valid. They will carry no weight for the seller who has been suspended for selling Used as New. Maybe they could just cut and paste the 5 points and place in section 3 (Why This Will Not Happen in the Future), and be reinstated. It certainly sounds like it should work, right?

4. While Amazon Bots are diligently tracking customer’s complaints about products SELLER’S are sending, is Amazon tracking those CUSTOMERS who make the claims? I believe all sellers would be Very Interested in that end of the story. After all, an individual seller, FBM or FBA, will only get hit only once with that claim from an individual buyer. However, that same individual buyer can make the claim against 100’s of individual sellers, and get away with it.

Now let’s see if those issues can be addressed. :train2:


As long as you have hope, you can survive any harsh Amazon condition.


Same situation here. 90% of my products are personalized so they must be opened.

Recently I received a “used sold as new” complaint because the buyer said the item had scratches all over it…oddly enough, the buyer reordered the same product with a different wedding date. So, in this case, like many others, because the buyer knows that returns are not accepted they simply claim damage for a refund. Used sold as new should not apply to sellers of handmade and custom products.


Does this account for items that Amazon workers throw into a box where they slide around inside and get worn from rubbing the surface and dinged on the corners from being in a box 12 inches larger than the item? Sometimes it takes a little quality control at the FBA centers to take care of the problem.


I think many of us could have guessed at the kinds of responses this post by Amazon_News would garner, especially as it relates to ongoing issues with FBA, as well as the moral turpitude of some of the site’s buyers.

The fact that Amazon didn’t know this reaffirms just how oblivious and unaware Amazon is about how selling on their site really works.

Heal thyself, Amazon.


A pox on that marriage.

I have the power.


Someone sent me a message last week mentioning “Broken Arrow, Oklahoma” I’m seriously wondering if something will happen.


OP, starting this thread is hypocritical until you take this advice. You tell 3P sellers how to avoid used sold as new, meanwhile your FBA remains one of the biggest contributors to the problem.


It’s interesting that amazon would create this post, most likely believing it will help cut down on all the used sold as new threads on the forums while not addressing the deficiencies in the policy.

Most of us KNOW the policy, It’s the broken and ineffective parts of said policy that cause sellers to come to the forums. Example, Bot’s flagging a buyer message to a seller ASKING if an item is used and amazon locking up a listing.


We got a complaint used sold as new for SHIPPING damage. Amazon sided with the customer and dinged our account. These issues need better investigation before dinging accounts. Its not fair.


Yeah, you won’t find “fair” here…diversify to other, more reasonable platforms if you haven’t already.


Agreed, Amazon’s policy is extremely broken. I sell records and if the user can’t figure out how to balance their own needle or there is a pressing issue that is normal we will get "used sold as new’ notices