Listing won't convert from FMB to FBA hazardous goods


Hi all,
Just put up my first listing and it automatically selected FBM. The product has batteries and I submitted all the documents necessary for shipping 2 AA batteries in my product FBA and they haven’t given me any notice that anything has happened at all. They say it takes up to 4 business days, and it’s the 5th business day with no notice. Any help?


We’ve had hazardous goods processes take more than 4 days. You can always try to convert to FBA or create another condition that’s FBA. That will tell you if the process has been successful.


We have done a couple hazmat submits. Never heard anything back. Just tried the shipping plan again on the 5th business day and it let us move forward.


I’ve been on the waitlist for weeks for the hazmat program… still no word.