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70% of our listings were deactivated yesterday due to our VTR falling below 95%. We filed an appeal and was turned down this morning. Below are both our appeal and their response. Our question is, what further evidence can we provide other than their own stated policy? Any suggestions on how to move forward to win this appeal?

Our Appeal:

Hello, today we received a performance notification stating most of our 4000+ listing have been deactivated due to our VTR falling below 95%.We have been in constant contact with seller support via open cases about this issue ( Current Case ID number 8296010351). Please read the case log. You will find we have been asking for clarity on this issue. We believe our listings have be deactivated in error.

We believe we are following amazon policy. When searching VTR calcuations on amazon. com we find the following:

VTR Calculation

To calculate VTR, we take the number of packages you ship with a valid tracking number and divide it by the total number of packages you have shipped and confirmed over a 30-day period. VTR is expressed as a percentage. We use promised delivery date to determine which orders are included in the performance metric.

For example, if you confirmed shipment for 200 non-exempted packages in the last 30 days, and 190 of those packages had a valid tracking number, your Valid Tracking Rate would be 95% (190 ÷ 200 = .95 or 95%).

Domestic packages have valid tracking if Amazon records a t least one carrier scan . The following items are excluded from the VTR calculation:

  • Heavy/Bulky shipments: Domestic packages shipped by a heavy/bulky freight carriers that are not integrated with Amazon
  • Small/Flat shipments: Domestic packages (such as screen protectors and greeting cards) that cost less than $10 (including shipping charges) and are shipped in USPS Standard Mail envelopes or USPS First Class Mail envelopes
  • Digital products : e.g. audio books

Please note bullet point #2 as it states “packages that cost less than $10 (including shipping charges) and are shipped in USPS Standard Mail envelopes or USPS First Class Mail envelopes”. Currently approximately 35-45% of all our shipments fall under this category. All selling for $10.00 or less and all shipped USPS first class mail in envelopes.

If we are wrong about this information, please provide more clarity so that we can make the needed changes to bring my account back to active status.

Thank you for your help and clarity.


Hello Team Novelties Collection,

We received your submission but do not have enough information to restore your seller-fulfilled selling privileges at this time. To restore your seller-fulfilled privileges, please send the following:

– Greater detail on the root causes of not providing valid tracking numbers.
– Greater detail on the actions you have taken to provide valid tracking numbers.
– Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent not providing valid tracking numbers going forward.

– Greater detail on evidence or examples that demonstrate that your account has complied with our policy.

How do I send the required information?
Submit this information via email to:

What happens if I do not send the requested information?
If we do not receive the requested information within 14 days of the original notification, your seller-fulfilled selling privileges will remain deactivated.

We’re here to help
If you have questions about this policy or information requested above, please contact us at:

Additionally, please find assistance creating a plan of action at:

You can view your account performance at or by selecting Account Health on the home screen of the Amazon Seller app on your iOS or Android device. The Account Health page shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon.

– Download iOS App at
– Download Android App at

Seller Performance Team


I’m not an expert on this type of things, but have you seen the announcement from February that was enforced on May 3rd Upcoming changes in shipment confirmation

It reads:

  • Beginning May 3, 2021 , Amazon will validate tracking details (including carrier name and tracking ID) for all seller-fulfilled orders, and show warnings for invalid tracking details.

There is still no clarity as to how this affects sellers and there have been many threads on how it affects the $10 packages. In any case, just to give you the heads up.


First - You don’t need to include the whole page. You give the link and state the appropriate section only. To much info and they won’t read it all.

" Small/Flat shipments: Domestic packages (such as screen protectors and greeting cards) that cost less than $10 (including shipping charges) and are shipped in USPS Standard Mail envelopes or USPS First Class Mail envelopes"

If you meet all of these then point that out. Maybe even include an image of a shipment.

Also, I see Amazon added in an extra section for Chinese sellers. (No idea when this happened) So in case this applies …

For packages shipped directly to customers through from China, we require the following VTR requirements starting August 9, 2021:

  • All packages with value and shipping charge below 5 USD, must use a trackable ship method that provides at least one physical scan* by the carrier.
  • All packages with value and shipping charge totaling to or above 5 USD, must use a fully trackable ship method that can provide at least two scans (including a delivery scan or delivery attempt).


Hi @closeoutsforyou,

Evan with Amazon here to help.

I understand that the majority of your listings, in certain categories, were deactivated due to your valid tracking rate being below the goal of over 95%, and you haven’t been successful in appealing.

In order for items not to count against your valid tracking rate, they should cost less than $10, which includes tax and shipping. For example, if the item is selling for $8.99, but the total cost with tax and shipping included comes to $10.99, then this will not be exempt from your valid tracking rate calculation.

I have alerted the appropriate team to do some further research and figure out happened in your specific situation. I want to make sure that we properly exempted items from the calculation that should not have counted against you.

We will reach out when we have an update for you.