Lighten up!




^^^ Ok, this one is GOLD! It really should be a celebration because it’s so difficult to convince very earnest newbies who saw it all wrapped up neatly on YouTube that they are–in fact–clueless…even more so than before. :star_struck:


Loved all images


Had a buyer write me this weekend saying I had sent her the wrong size. She said she got a particular size (what she had actually ordered) but claimed to have ordered a larger size, when the company doesn’t even make the pattern in the larger size! So yep, she is nuts and blaming me. This after she had already claimed that PP had taken two payments from her and what was I going to do about it!, not that I got two. Now she wants a refund and I am so glad that it wasn’t an Amazon order! She has been nothing but trouble.

So yes, thanks again for the funny’s to all of you. Wish I had one to share.




@The_Seller: sprinkler or no sprinkler, that squirrel pic truly made me laugh out loud–thanks! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You are welcome. That is a great photo!


So glad you started this thread - a place for free speech!





Good one and Thanks for the humor. Happy this thread is still going.


Share the buy box?



Laughter truly is The Best Medicine; I would submit that most people would agree with that assertion.

Sailing along The River is a stressful enterprise, even in the calmest waters.

Amazon itself may be a ‘person’ in the legal sense, but it is composed of actual personages; our Forum Moderation Team is no exception.

See where I’m going with this train of thought? :wink:


Hahaha! I’ve been using it as “namaste”!


I keep a list of buyers that I will cancel any orders from. Have not had to do it often.


…but it would be “mean”



Ok, let me rephrase - what a bunch of intellectual giants…


Kind of sorry you posted that since it really mimics my feelings on the Forum and platform sometimes.
Watched twenty slaps, OK now I am done. Beat up enuff


Oh My! I had this hanging on my cork board at work for 20ish years until I retired! Thanks for the blast from my past, and sharing just about one of the funniest meme’s ever!