Lighten up!



Your explanation is wonderful. Thank you so much! I am laughing really loud!:laughing:




What does this mean?Thank you.


The cymbal-banging monkey can symbolize the angst that sellers oftentimes feel with the Amazon algorithm and its updates.


Not even sure what a meme (j/k) is, but this was found last week and I love it!


Yup… :smiley:




I couldn’t agree with you more about the smugness of the regulars. I would not conflate their time being here with being “right”. This is a forum designed to help sellers, but when sellers need help, they never offer help. A lot of time they just want people to feel dumb for asking. I rarely see people genuinely trying to help others on this forum.


Yes, I do attempt humor…but mostly I do try and help. But look at my avatar. A bulldog with angel wings. Tough love.


It’s funny. Thank you!


You are welcome!


Then you just aren’t looking.


I think what I should have said was I see a lot of people throwing other people under the bus and a severe lack of sympathy for problems we have all once faced.


Haven’t checked this in a couple of days…just sit out my first sip of coffee…thanks for the laugh!


Sir. It was long enough on your side.
Please kick it in my direction!


Would often like to ask other posters


I should realy go to hell.
But since I waited forever in line in several Brooklyn post offices, it should count as time served.