Lighten up!



No kidding, this is the best one. The irony is, it takes more time for the customer to get the answer this way than if they had just GOOGLED IT THEMSELVES!!!


“The person who coined the phrase “There are no stupid questions” never sold anything on Amazon or eBay.”

And yet, I need to reply to these kinds of questions using that exact opener, lest someone be upset.


LMBO - love this one!


O how I love this one, some customers should go back to the 2nd grade so they can learn to read what you say about the item.






THE BEST One yet!


Great job, Lilburn_Treasures! Thanks for helping me out with a “translation” for Mikachu.


this is how i feel about all of skeeters post LMFAOO





lol I dont agree with almost every post, but there is quite a few where I’m doing the same thing lol




this is my FAVORITE ONE!!! Thank you :o)





Still here!

In case anyone needs a last ditch desperate POA:



Looks like someone took the gif down :frowning:
Had 100+ likes lol - Talk about Lighten Up SHEESH!