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I noticed that !


Well, then at least in my case, I may be banned from the fourums (sic)


May we all remember
That through thick and thin
Some came running


Love this


One of those days where never forget where you were when you heard.


Too bad Amazon’s communication to sellers doesn’t full under the same standards…


My wife makes me get a haircut once a year whether I need it or not!


I suppose it tells your age when you count those days.

For me it would be the Kennedy assassination, the Challenger disaster, and 9-11


And Bobby and Martin, all tragic days for our country.
And for those who came running to the Towers: my heartfelt thanks and wishes for positive recoveries.


I am sorry to hear about your brush with breast cancer. Am happy to hear that you you recovered.

Men can also have breast cancer. I have a male friend who had it about 20 years ago. He had a full recovery. But it is much rarer in men. And understandably, it doesn’t have the emotional impact or devastation that it would for a female.

A lot of my friends, co workers, and family had COVID. Some passed away. Know that I did not say stay positive to any of them. My story here is fictional just for to “lighten up.”

And please forgive me if what I say now is inappropriate. I love your posts. From your writing you sound like a strong but caring person. I had no clue that you are a lady.:wink::blush:


I was in a Brooklyn bakery making cheese pastries. As always Z100 was hollering away in the background. Elvis Duran broke the program saying that a plane had hit the world trade center. When we heard about the 2nd plane, we all ran up to the roof to watch.

As bad as it is no TV, it is much worse in person. The sky was clear. the smoke formed a continuous vertical column being carried by the wind all the way over Brooklyn into Queens.

New York may be the most diversified place on earth. Yet The love and camaraderie was incredible for the next few weeks. Total strangers from different backgrounds treated each other like close family.

Wished that sentiment stayed with us.

May all the victims rest in peace.


@papyrophilia Your defense to being an Amazon shill is paper thin.


:laughing: This makes me think you haven’t been reading all of my posts! Do I get to say "wake up sheeple" now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I initially took umbrage on your behalf.

But then I realized it may simply have been in reference to the image you posted which is in fact, a sheet of paper.


… or a pun on Papy’s forum name.


Hadn’t thought of that – clever!



Yes, I was living in NYC at the time. The news left a lot of things out that were just too terrible to broadcast. Most people still do not know how bad it really was.