Lighten up!




That definitely needs to be an either/or qualifier :wink:




Might be, too soon?





Where can I buy that 2020 shirt?




Oh. On Amazon. Go figure.


You have my sides hurting I’m laughing so hard. That IS you!!!


Good Stuff!!! Especially #4


“All of the Mets road wins against the Dodgers this year occurred at Dodger Stadium.” The immortal words of Ralph Kiner!!

My dad got the autographs of virtually all the members of that team on a single lined sheet of paper, he caught them going through the airport at Philly. Seaver, Koosman, Ryan, Jones, Agee, etc. It hangs framed in my office. BUT my most favorite Met of all time (and also a member of the Miracle’s), is also my favorite Phillies player of all time: Tug McGraw #45. Born, raised, and will pass on as a die hard Phillies fan. But that 69’ WS against the Orioles still is in my memories. Rushed home every day after school to watch the series on TV, rooted for the Mets!!


My one year old grandson orders around his mother, his older sibling, and his grandmother. Okay. That is only 3 things. Not five.



Only one years old, how precocious! Do you suppose they used Alexa?


My granddaughter, with her two year old’s lisp, gave the command: “Awexa, pway Fwozen Soun-twak.”

Alexa thought for a moment, and replied, “Sorry. I can’t find any stores near you that sell crack.”


Who is Alexa? Also you don’t use another person!

Oh. They talk to Google all the time. Google: will it rain today? They also talk to Siri. Don’t know who that is either.


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