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Since it is hurricane season and had to bail out the basement once this season already:


At last we have truly helped someone on the forum :grin:

We have hard water too but the model we purchased (yes they are pricey)
has the little shower nozzles made out of some kind of “rubber” that the hard
water deposits do not stick to.

Occasionally we see small white mineral deposits but they just flick right off
with a finger nail or small brush.

If your pipes are older they may also be clogging up with deposits on the inside
and reducing pressure.

We had our place re-piped with PEX a couple of years ago and installed a modulator
that has a dedicated water line to each faucet etc.
That helped a lot too.

Best of luck and yes back to the fun.


This one is for @Schadenfreudist and @M_L_H, for different reasons… :laughing:



Look up the video
Foamy the Squirrel Tech Support I,. II, III, IV, V. It is making fun of Dell support, but it Amazon too…


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Reminded me of this one - from 1805…


Thank you @papyrophilia. This topic really got off subject when COVID 19 struck us. It basically became pictures of cats in boxes and jokes about coronavirus instead of it’s original intention of being…

Yours is the first post in a while that was really on topic and was the true intention of this thread.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Everyone posts some really funny $#!T here and I get a few of my best laughs of the day from this thread. Yours was just the first post in a while that was relevant to the OP and I just wanted to say thanks.


Hard water deposits stuck to my “rubber” nozzles. Had to replace the low-flow faucets and showerheads about every 18 months because they would plug up from them (despite large amounts of CLR and vinegar) to on mine. Had to get industrial filters, water softener, and a big RO filter. I literally sit on top of the largest fresh water aquifer in the world, (can’t even have a full basement because of it) and some do-gooder at the central planning office in Washington tells me I need to not waste water!



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Well, as long as you realize you are admitting to being “of a certain age,” go for it.



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For you youngins, similar relationship as this object :partying_face:


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No, but you knew that before you posted it. The thread is Nonetheless, it is still a fun thread and I am glad they have not removed it.