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And if you were in England, you could call this concept the Zen of the Zebra.


That is SO FUNNY - I did the same thing in Statistics class! - It was back in 1962 so don’t remember the question.


Eats, shoots, and leaves.





Thanku for whoever stared this thread and everyone who made Sunday night stress free and a laughter full event. I think we all needed it in small or big quantities in hard times. Thanku.


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You’re welcome!


That’s not even funny, but nice to see someone finally turned the tables on them. Several years back, they were constantly complaining about “other sellers” violating their trademark. Surprised to see they are still up and running with those listings.


Thanks for your spot on reply.

What they tried to pull off really wasn’t funny so in retrospect we are going to delete the original post as it likely is not in keeping with the tone of this thread.

Amazon did not take them down for these violations and they are still selling a few of our older items but at least now they are listed under our brand.

We also cut off their supply so once these older, slow selling items are gone the problem should be completely over.




Never mind the caption, that’s a very interesting picture above. Must be Alaska.





Another quarantine picture joke.

Advanced warning: a little belly fat is hanging out of his costume.

But to be honest it is a pretty good Adam West Batman costume. Could use a little work on the utility belt.

Click to see Quarantine Batman


Poor doggie LOL

I think it’s in England or somewhere in the UK. The way the cars are parked indicates driving on the left side of the street. And the British tend to use the words “litter bin” more often than “trash can” like in the U.S. The name of the city council ends in “-wick” (I can’t make out the first part) which would likely be an English name.



This obviously is NOT Amazon support - That was ONCE a live human.

I swear I only speak to Aliens




@Old-Timer, I think I WILL use this in threads! :laughing::+1:


Great. Thank you.